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You should never run your reusable freezer bags through a dishwasher, and you shouldn’t microwave your reusable freezer bags, either.

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Which reusable freezer bags are best?

Freezer bags have been a staple for food storage in home kitchens for decades thanks to their ease of use and low cost, but all that disposed of plastic adds up. Reusable freezer bags aren’t just an excellent solution for limiting the amount of plastic trash you generate, they can also save you plenty of money. 

The best reusable freezer bag is the Qinline 24-Pack Reusable Food Storage Bags. This combo pack includes eight each of three sizes to cover all your reusable freezer bag needs.

What to know before you buy reusable freezer bags


Reusable freezer bags typically come in three sizes: snack, sandwich and gallon.

  • Snack: Snack-size freezer bags typically contain around 4 ounces of space for storage. They’re the size least included in bundle packages and typically aren’t sold in snack-size only packages.
  • Sandwich: Sandwich-size reusable freezer bags contain around 15 ounces of space for storage. They also aren’t typically sold in sandwich-size only packages but do tend to have more included in packages.
  • Gallon: Gallon-size reusable freezer bags contain a gallon of space for storage. They’re frequently sold in gallon-size only packages and are the most included in multi-size packages.


When purchasing a reusable freezer bag package, make sure you buy what you need or more, as buying less can result in you not having the storage space when you need it. Most reusable freezer bag packages contain a minimum of roughly four to six bags, with the largest sized packages usually peaking around 24-30 bags.

What to look for in quality reusable freezer bags

Color coding

Freezer bags, reusable or no, tend to look almost identical no matter their size. This can make it very difficult to find the bag size you need if you store your reusable freezer bags together. Most reusable freezer bags avoid this problem by color-coding their zipper seals by size. Take care not to purchase a reusable freezer bag set with no color coding or with colors that look too similar, unless you want to store your different size bags separately from each other.


Most reusable freezer bags are made from a material called “food-grade PEVA,” a substitute for PVC used for everything from shower curtains to bibs. They should be BPA-free, but double-check the product description to be sure.

Some reusable freezer bags can also be made of silicone, which is more durable but much costlier and less frequently manufactured. 

How much you can expect to spend on reusable freezer bags

Most reusable freezer bags are very affordable up front, though they cost considerably more than a big pack of disposable freezer bags. Depending on the package size, most reusable freezer bags cost roughly $20, though smaller packages can cost around $15, while the biggest packages can reach up to $30.

Reusable freezer bags FAQ

How long will a reusable freezer bag last?

A. That depends on how frequently you use them and how well you care for them afterward. If improperly treated, (run through a dishwasher or stuffed past its content limits), a reusable freezer bag could last less than a year. Most reusable freezer bags last 3-5 years when proper care is taken and when used regularly. Infrequently used and responsibly cared for reusable freezer bags could last 7 years or more.

Are there any types of foods or other contents I can’t put in a reusable freezer bag?

A. Yes. You don’t want to store anything too sharp, as despite their thickness, reusable freezer bags can still be punctured. You also shouldn’t store anything scalding hot or too far below freezing; most reusable freezer bags can handle temperature ranges around 22-100 degrees.

What are the best reusable freezer bags to buy?

Top reusable freezer bags 

Qinline 24-Pack Reusable Food Storage Bags

Qinline 24-Pack Reusable Food Storage Bags

What you need to know: This 24-pack of reusable freezer bags in three sizes will keep you flush with options for many years to come.

What you’ll love: This reusable freezer bag pack includes eight each of snack, sandwich and gallon-size reusable freezer bags. They’re BPA-free and color-coded by size for easy organization. A double zip closing design keeps food safely sealed away.

What you should consider: These reusable freezer bags aren’t able to be washed in the dishwasher so they must be washed by hand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top reusable freezer bags for the money

Greenzla 8-Pack Reusable Extra Thick Gallon Bags

Greenzla 8-Pack Reusable Extra Thick Gallon Bags

What you need to know: These are an excellent budget option for those who don’t need many reusable freezer bags and don’t care about having different sizes.

What you’ll love: These reusable freezer bags are waterproof, meaning no moisture gets in or out when properly sealed. Using just one of these bags can replace the need for up to 300 disposable freezer bags. A money-back guarantee makes trying these bags easy.

What you should consider: Think carefully before buying this smaller pack — if you need more bags and in different sizes later, you’ll wind up spending more money.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

IDEATECH 20-Pack Reusable Storage Bags

IDEATECH 20-Pack Reusable Storage Bags

What you need to know: This smaller combo pack of reusable freezer bags is for those who don’t need as many of the smaller bags.

What you’ll love: IdeaTech includes several combo pack options with different amounts and sizes of their reusable freezer bags. A 1-year warranty covers any defective reusable freezer bags. At the end of their lifespan, these freezer bags can be recycled.

What you should consider: Some users reported that smells can be absorbed into the bag from stronger foods and that the zip seal can be difficult to properly close.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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