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If you’re a small business that’s on the go for bake sales, events or food truck activities, don’t be afraid to purchase individual cupcake carriers — sometimes people only want to buy one cupcake!

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Which cupcake carriers are best?

Carrying a bunch of little baked goods without securing them is a frustrating task that’s rife with the potential for spills and accidents. Keep all your baked efforts safe and easily transported with a cupcake carrier, whether it be disposable or reusable.

The best cupcake carrier is the Snapware Snap ‘N Stack 2-Layer Cake Carrier. This reusable cupcake carrier can transport up to 24 cupcakes in an easily cleaned, dishwasher-safe plastic container that locks together for maximum security.

What to know before you buy a cupcake carrier

Disposable vs. reusable

Cupcake carriers can be divided into two categories: disposable and reusable.

  • Disposable: Disposable cupcake carriers are chiefly used by those running small businesses, though those who dislike cleaning up or tracking down cupcake carriers after events use them as well. They’re typically used for packing up between four and 12 cupcakes of average size, though there are individual cupcake carriers as well. They can be as cheap as $5 or less and as expensive as $15-$20, so make sure not to select a disposable cupcake carrier that eats too deeply into your profits.
  • Reusable: Reusable cupcake carriers are typically used by home bakers as well as caterers. They can be as simple as a plastic box or as fancy as a huge tower with complex designs typically only used by professionals. They usually hold at least 12 cupcakes. 


When selecting a cupcake carrier, it’s important to pick one that holds the amount of cupcakes you plan to bake, as well as fitting the size of cupcake you plan to bake. The average cupcake carrier holds either 12 or 24 cupcakes, with additional capacities anywhere between one and 24 being available as well.

What to look for in a quality cupcake carrier


Cupcake carriers are typically made of disposable or reusable plastics or cardboard.

  • Disposable plastic: Disposable plastic cupcake carriers are usually made of thin, clear plastic like the kind you find in grocery stores. They rarely feature any kind of design and are typically small in size, which greatly restricts the use of non-standard icing designs.
  • Reusable plastic: Reusable plastic cupcake carriers feature the widest variety of designs, shapes, sizes, capacities and other variables. Most are dishwasher-safe as well.
  • Cardboard: Cardboard cupcake carriers are the most varied form of disposable cupcake carrier, though they lack the sheer breadth of options of reusable plastic cupcake carriers. They’re mostly used by small businesses and many feature plastic windowpanes so the cupcakes can be seen.

How much you can expect to spend on a cupcake carrier

Cupcake carriers carry an affordable price point. Most cupcake carriers tend to cost in the $20-$30 range and can carry 12-24 cupcakes. Some cupcake carriers cost around $10-$15, but many of these options are single-cupcake carriers. Cupcake carriers around $40+ usually carry many more than 24 cupcakes or have some aesthetically pleasing design.

Cupcake carrier FAQ

How should I clean my cupcake carrier?

A. That depends on your cupcake carrier. Most cupcake carriers are made of plastic, which is easily washed by running through a dishwasher. If you need to wash a cupcake carrier by hand, whether because it isn’t dishwasher-safe or it’s too big, simply use a soft brush to scrub it clean while it’s in a solution of warm water and dish soap. Then rinse it clean and allow it to air dry before putting it away.

What size cupcakes fit inside a cupcake carrier?

A. All manner of cupcake sizes can fit inside cupcake carriers if the cupcake carrier is built for them. Most cupcake carriers are built to handle the average cupcake size of 2 inches wide at the base, 2-2.5 inches wide at the crown and roughly 2.25 inches tall. Any sizes significantly different from these average dimensions require either a specialized cupcake carrier or an alternate cupcake insert for an average cupcake carrier. You can also take advantage of removable inserts of certain cupcake carriers, but you risk your cupcakes sliding or falling in transit with this method.

What are the best cupcake carriers to buy?

Top cupcake carrier 

Snapware Snap ‘N Stack 2-Layer Cake Carrier

Snapware Snap ‘N Stack 2-Layer Cake Carrier

What you need to know: An excellent, affordable cupcake carrier with many user-friendly features and a large capacity.

What you’ll love: You can carry up to 12 cupcakes in each cupcake carrier for a total of 24 cupcakes, and the lids and boxes lock together to prevent accidental openings. The plastic of the carrier is BPA-free and microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe.

What you should consider: You’ll need to be careful during transit, as the lips inside this cupcake carrier aren’t secure enough to prevent spills.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top cupcake carrier for the money

Aglahome 15-Set Cupcake Boxes

Aglahome 15-Set Cupcake Boxes

What you need to know: A top choice set of 15 cupcake carriers for those in small businesses or those who don’t want to clean up after an event.

What you’ll love: These cupcake carriers can be used for any baked good, as the cupcake securing insert isn’t required for use. Up to 12 cupcakes can be securely boxed up and the clear plastic window allows your hard work to be proudly displayed.

What you should consider: You’ll need to build all the boxes yourself, which will take a bit of time but isn’t too difficult.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Top Shelf Elements Cupcake Carrier

Top Shelf Elements Cupcake Carrier

What you need to know: If you’re particularly concerned that your cupcakes might tip over in transit, look no further than this ultra-secure cupcake carrier.

What you’ll love: This cupcake carrier’s holder removes the risk of cupcakes tipping over, plus the squat design helps minimize the space it takes up. The lid snaps into place to prevent accidental openings. The container is sturdy, dishwasher-safe plastic.

What you should consider: This cupcake carrier doesn’t have much height, which can easily smush icing-heavy cupcake designs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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