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Kids take better care of their toothbrushes when you give them a toothbrush holder that is colorful and playful.

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Which kids toothbrush holders are best?

The American Dental Association says the best way to store toothbrushes after use is in an upright position so that they are exposed to the open air, where they can air dry naturally. A toothbrush holder keeps toothbrushes neat, organized and out of the way on countertops.

If you are looking for a fun freestanding toothbrush holder for kids of all ages, take a look at the Lily’s Home Fun Kids Animal Toothbrush Holder.

What to know before you buy a kids toothbrush holder

Easily accessible but out of the way

There are many styles of kids toothbrush holders but all are either freestanding or mounted. With either choice, you want your kids toothbrush holder to be easily accessible but out of the way. 


Another consideration when buying a toothbrush holder for kids is that it is made of non-breakable materials to stand up to the rough use kids give things. Where style is a key consideration in an adult bathroom, durability is really important for both freestanding and mounted kids toothbrush holders.


Freestanding kids toothbrush holders can be placed anywhere there is room on the counter top. They can be moved about to make room for other activities and then returned to their usual place. Toothbrushes are stored upright.


Mounted kids toothbrush holders get your toothbrushes up off the countertop. This makes them a better choice for people who have little counter space and those who like a cleaner, more organized look. Toothbrushes are stored in most mounted holders by sliding into slots to hang by their heads.

Mounting method

The two mounting methods seen on most kids toothbrush holders are suction cups and adhesive strips. 

Suction cups 

Suction cups let you move the toothbrush holder when you are cleaning and also let you change your mind when you find an even better place to locate it. Suction cups work best on very smooth surfaces such as your bathroom mirror or glazed wall tile.

Adhesive strips 

Adhesive strips are a more permanent way of installing your kids toothbrush holder. Positioning is important because although toothbrush holders that are mounted by adhesive strips are not permanent, moving them also means removing the adhesive strips from your wall or mirror.

What to look for in a quality kids toothbrush holder


Toothbrush holders with large openings at the top are easy for kids to use, but let your kids’ brush heads come in contact with one another. Organizers hold your kids’ toothbrushes apart and have space for toothpaste tubes, too.

How many toothbrushes?

The size of the right kids toothbrush holder for your kids depends on how many toothbrushes need to be stored at once. Kids toothbrush holders have as few as three compartments and as many as half a dozen. 

Ease of cleaning 

Rinsing leaves the toothbrush wet. Every time you store it, water, small bits of debris and paste collect at the bottom of the toothbrush holder. Choose a kids toothbrush holder that is easy to clean.

Your kids ages

Young children like fanciful things and they favor toothbrush holders that are colorful and playful. The funnier or more striking the kids toothbrush holder, the likelier the kids will store their toothbrushes in it and keep the bathroom counter cleaner and less cluttered.

How much you can expect to spend on a kids toothbrush holder

Single kids toothbrush holders that attach to the mirror or wall tile with a small suction cup cost less than $10. Toothbrush organizers with space for several brushes and a tube of toothpaste cost about $15 or $20.  

Kids toothbrush holder FAQ

Should I consider a toothbrush holder with a lid?

A. When you store your toothbrushes inside an enclosed area, you are promoting the growth of bacteria. An uncovered kids toothbrush holder lets your toothbrush air-dry the healthiest and most hygienic way.

What other things can I hang on a toothbrush holder that attaches with a suction cup?

A. Lightweight things only, like scrubbies and shower poufs.

What are the best kids toothbrush holders to buy?

Top kids toothbrush holder 

Lily’s Home Fun Kids Animal Toothbrush Holder

Lily’s Home Fun Kids Animal Toothbrush Holder

What you need to know: This freestanding kids toothbrush holder features playful animals holding toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste.

What you’ll love: Sharks, orcas, crocs and hippos open their mouths wide to hold a tube of toothpaste and three toothbrushes. Soft silicone cleans easily with mild soap and water.

What you should consider: A drainage hole at the bottom speeds drying inside this kids toothbrush holder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids toothbrush holder for the money

Okuna Outpost Silicone Toothbrush Holder for Kids

Okuna Outpost Silicone Toothbrush Holder for Kids

What you need to know: This pack of eight individual toothbrush holders are colorful and whimsical.

What you’ll love: Flowers, a butterfly, a turtle and a whale are playful ways to hang your kids toothbrushes. With a pack of eight, you can use these holders for other lightweight items or put a few aside as replacements if one gets lost or damaged. These toothbrush holders are made of easy-to-lean silicone and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. They attach with suction cups.

What you should consider: Hang this toothbrush holder near a sink so drips stay out of the way.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Linkidea Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder

Linkidea Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder

What you need to know: This sleek wall-mounted toothbrush holder has slots for up to five toothbrushes and a ledge for your kids’ toothpaste tube.

What you’ll love: The special adhesive can be attached to wood, tile, glass, plastic and metal. For your child’s safety, this sturdy and lightweight toothbrush holder is made of aluminum with rounded corners and no sharp edges. 

What you should consider: You will get the best results if you wait 12 hours after hanging this before using it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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