Motorola baby monitor vs. VTech baby monitor

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Baby monitors can be useful in allowing parents to monitor their baby while being away. Some of the advanced features in them offer extra security and convenience for parents.

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Are Motorola or VTech baby monitors better? 

Baby monitors allow parents to keep an eye on or listen to their baby while they are away. The popularity of these devices has led to several brands and types of baby monitors being on the market. This can make it challenging to choose the right baby monitor for your requirements. Motorola and Vtech are reputed and reliable brands for baby monitors. When comparing the baby monitors offered by these two brands, VTech offers more affordable monitors, while Motorola offers more features and better quality.

Motorola baby monitor

Motorola is a well-known brand around the world for its communication devices. It also offers a variety of baby monitors. The Motorola baby monitors offer some of the most advanced features, such as sleeping tracking, motion detection, night vision, zooming capability and other useful features. Most models also include an out-of-range warning, an important safety feature as the parents might not realize they have gone too far to receive a signal from the baby unit.

Some Motorola baby monitors allow you to access a live feed on your smartphone via an app even if you are not on the local network. You can expect to pay $75-$300 for a Motorola baby monitor. The cheaper models are going to come with basic features such as audio-only or a simple video display. 

Motorola baby monitor pros

  • One of the common features offered by Motorola baby monitors is Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows parents to use the Hubble app on their smartphone to monitor the baby without needing to use a separate display or receiver unit.
  • The quality of video and audio on Motorola baby monitors is exceptionally good.
  • Audio and video encryption is strong on Motorola baby monitors. This feature helps protect the audio or video transmission from being accessed by any unauthorized person.

Motorola baby monitor cons

  • The price of Motorola baby monitors makes them more expensive than other competitive products on the market. 
  • Some models of Motorola baby monitors have been reported to have poor battery life.

Best Motorola baby monitors

Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor

Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor

This high-end baby monitor by Motorola comes with 2 Wi-Fi cameras, a 4.3-inch display video monitor, several types of alerts and indicators, two-way audio and in-built soothing sounds for the baby. You can also pair it with a smartphone through the Hubble app.

Sold by Amazon

Motorola Comfort75 Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort75 Baby Monitor

With its affordable price and several useful features, the Comfort75 offers great value for money. The features include a room temperature monitor, automatic night vision and zooming capability.  The receiver unit comes with a 5 inch LCD color display.

Sold by Amazon

VTech baby monitor

VTech is best known for its electronic toys and learning products for kids. It also offers a variety of high-quality baby monitors, including Wi-Fi monitors, audio monitors and video monitors. In 2017, VTech was the bestselling baby monitor in the US. One of the reasons for the success of VTech baby monitors has been that you get several advanced features for an affordable price. 

All the VTech baby monitors come with safe and secure audio and video transmission, preventing any hacking or intrusion. The Wi-Fi monitors come with a long range, with some models offering up to 1000 feet. You can expect to pay $35-150 for a VTech baby monitor. The cheapest models are going to be the audio baby monitors. The most expensive VTech baby monitors come with high-definition cameras. The zooming feature on high-end models will allow you to zoom in or out 10 times the normal vision.

VTech baby monitor pros

  • A common feature in high-end VTech baby monitors is that you can remotely pan and tilt the camera to change the viewing angle.  
  • Strong encryption of audio and video streaming.
  • Compared to competitors in the market, VTech offers more inexpensive baby monitors.

VTech baby monitor cons

  • The display quality on some VTech baby monitors is disappointing. 
  • Some users have reported longevity issues with VTech monitors citing issues with audio and connectivity after using the baby monitors for a while. 
  • The battery life of VTech baby monitors could be better. 

Best VTech baby monitors 

VTech DM221-2 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM221-2 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

This is a two-way audio baby monitor that comes with two parent units and a monitor. The signal range is 1,000 feet, which should be enough for most users. Some of the features in this product include vibrating sound alerts backlit displays. There is also a night light feature on the baby unit to help parents see in the dark without disturbing the baby.

Sold by Buy Buy Baby

VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

This video monitor by VTech comes loaded with night vision, room-temperature monitoring, two-way audio and power-saving mode features. It also comes with in-built lullabies to soothe the baby. The display on the parent unit isn’t huge at 2.8 inches, but it is large enough for comfortable viewing.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Motorola or VTech baby monitor?

A baby monitor can be a useful tool for parents, but it can be frustrating and risky if you pick a low-quality baby monitor. After all, the purpose of the baby monitor is to offer peace of mind to the parents. This is why you should invest in a reliable baby monitor from a reputed brand such as Motorola or VTech. Both these brands have a track record of making high-quality products, including baby monitors. If you are on a tight budget, VTech is going to be the more affordable option. It offers decent quality and most of the basic features. Both brands could improve battery life performance. If you can spend more, Motorola baby monitors offer superior reliability and quality compared to VTech baby monitors.


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