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Toddlers and babies love to run around, explore and make discoveries. Doorknob covers can help keep them safe while they explore.

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Which doorknob covers are best?

Toddlers and babies love to run around, explore and make discoveries. Doorknob covers keep them safe while they explore. Doorknob covers are straightforward plastic tools that snap onto doorknobs to prevent little kids from opening the door. Toddlers find it hard to get the right grip to open the door due to the small size of their hands and their height. The Eudemon Baby Safety Door Knob Covers are first-class doorknob covers.

What to know before you buy a doorknob cover

Think about who needs doorknob covers

Parents with young kids need doorknob covers for their home since little kids can easily open doors even with baby gates and supervision. Doorknob covers are an extra safety feature you can use to ensure your child doesn’t go out the door or get stuck inside a closet or pantry. 

You might also choose to use doorknob covers in your home if you care for a relative or loved one with cognitive disabilities. These tools can help keep the home’s perimeter secure so that your loved one can’t leave the home unattended.

Learn how doorknob covers work

Doorknob covers make it difficult to twist the doorknob without a ton of effort. Most toddlers’ hands are too small to manipulate the doorknob cover and open the door. Toddlers also tend to be too small to see or reach the component of the doorknob they need to use to open the door.

Understand the installation and removal process

You can easily install doorknob covers throughout your whole home in less than half an hour. You simply need to snap the pieces together over the doorknob. To remove the doorknob cover, you need to press and pull the plastic components apart or use a flathead screwdriver to open them.

What to look for in a quality doorknob cover

Colors and shapes

Most doorknob covers come in white or some other neutral cover. There are also some models in gray, brass, copper, gold or brushed silver.


Most doorknob covers are composed of hard plastic that looks like the plastic used in children’s toys and strollers.


Doorknob covers come with a quick-release feature so that the average adult can easily open and close doors.

How much you can expect to spend on a doorknob cover

Doorknob covers usually vary in price from about $3 to $30. The most basic and budget-friendly doorknob covers range in price from about $3-$8, while mid-range doorknob covers go for $8-$15 and high-end doorknob covers cost about $15-$30.

Doorknob cover FAQ

Aren’t baby gates enough protection from doors for children?

A. Baby gates are perfect for perimeters, but some kids can knock the baby gates down or simply climb over them. Once your kids reach a particular height, the baby gates are just too short to work well anymore. Doorknob covers are perfect because they add a layer of protection to keep your young kids inside and safe at all times.

How many doorknob covers should you purchase for your home?

A. You should purchase at least four doorknob covers. Doorknob covers typically come in sets of at least two or four covers. You should buy as many doorknob covers as you need to purchase to cover all of the knobs on doors that go outdoors and doors that go into closets and pantries. Some little kids view these closets and pantries as fun hiding places, but they can get injured or stuck inside them.

What should you do with your doorknob covers once your kids no longer need them?

A. You might choose to keep the doorknob covers in your home for when younger kids visit. You can also share or give the doorknob covers to another parent with young kids. Finally, you can opt to save the doorknob covers with other baby items for sentimental purposes or just in case you have another young child in the future.

What are the best doorknob covers to buy?

Top doorknob cover

Eudemon Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

Eudemon Baby Safety Door Knob Covers

What you need to know: These customer favorite doorknob covers from Eudemon are designed with rubber push-buttons.

What you’ll love: These Eudemon doorknob covers feature a simple push-button grip design in white, which works well with most home decor, and is made of thermoplastic elastomers and soft polypropylene, which are non-toxic and harmless.

What you should consider: The functionality of the doorknob covers depends on the size of your doorknob.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top doorknob cover for the money

Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers

Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers

What you need to know: This inexpensive pack of doorknob covers from Safety 1st is simple to use and one size fits all and you can easily install them in mere seconds.

What you’ll love: These Safety 1st doorknob covers come in a pack of four with strong polypropylene snaps that offer a safe and secure fit. The doorknob covers are meant to fit any home decor and come with a wide base that fits many regular doorknobs.

What you should consider: These doorknob covers are slightly tricky to take apart.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Little Giggles Door Knob Safety Cover Four-Pack

Little Giggles Door Knob Safety Cover Four-Pack

What you need to know: This set of four doorknob covers from Little Giggles is meant to blend in with your home decor.

What you’ll love: These Little Giggles doorknob covers can help keep kids and adults with special needs from opening doors or locking themselves into a room. The doorknob covers spin to keep kids from gripping while providing a simple grip for adults.

What you should consider: These doorknob covers might not work well for people with longer fingernails.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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