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Baby monitors can be refurbished for other purposes after your baby has grown. For example, you can use them as a home-security monitoring system or as a pet monitor instead.

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Which baby monitors without Wi-Fi are best?

Monitors provide parents peace of mind when temporarily away from their babies. Monitors without Wi-Fi are very appealing to parents who may be concerned about internet reliability. Modern technology has improved traditional monitors providing more options and features, making the buying process challenging.  

If you’re looking to make an informed decision about getting a quality baby monitor, look no further than the Babysense Video Monitor with Infrared Night Vision.    

What to know before you buy a baby monitor without Wi-Fi


There are two main types of baby monitors: audio or combined audio and visual. Audio-only monitors are a good option for parents who do not need a visual image of their sleeping baby. They also provide additional features, such as LED lights and vibration in the event you are distracted while vacuuming and showering and don’t hear sounds.

Combined monitors can provide all of the options of the audio monitors, but in addition, allow the parent to see the baby. These monitors come with different options; while some come with single screens, others have multiple views or more than one screen.  


Some monitors come with a wide array of features, such as motion detection, alerts, different video resolutions, the ability to play music, two-way communication, advanced safety features, range indicator lights and the ability to take photos. The best advice is to determine what options are necessary and find one that can meet all of the qualities you are looking for in a monitor.   


Baby monitors come in all sorts of options with many different features. Before purchasing a monitor, one of the most important steps is identifying what type of equipment you will need. Will you be doing household chores while monitoring your baby? If so, you may want to consider a handheld, portable receiver. The equipment will be important for placement in the infant’s room, so find one that will work with your furniture and layout to secure equipment properly.  

What to look for in a quality baby monitor without Wi-Fi


Baby monitors come in a wide variety of range options. Depending on the size of your house and the amount of activity you would like to do while your baby naps, you will want to ensure the range is sufficient. Depending on the cost, some monitors are limited in their range. An average and good range on a baby monitor is 600 to 1000 feet. Audio-only monitors will typically have a better range in comparison with video monitors. If you are looking for longer ranges, you may want to consider Wi-Fi capability.  

Range indicator lights are vital if you plan to move around often while monitoring. If you go out of range, you may lose connection and fail to hear your baby.  

Battery life

Battery life is important when shopping for a monitor. Batteries can be expensive, so opting for rechargeable monitors would be the best option. Ensuring that the battery lasts long enough to cover your child’s nap time is important, so choose a monitor with a battery life that lasts that long without needing to be recharged. A battery indicator light or alert is also an important feature your baby monitor should include.

Video quality 

If the goal is to see every detail of your baby’s movements while sleeping, you may want to opt for high-resolution video quality. HD quality video baby monitors are the best on the market and provide the ability to see close-up details in the room. Unfortunately, most complaints from consumers about video quality on baby monitors claim that the video is grainy or blurry. Suppose you can’t afford a high-resolution video monitor. In that case, you can opt for room temp or oxygen alert levels, which help monitor your baby’s status without a good visualization.  

How much you can expect to spend on a baby monitor without Wi-Fi

The basic baby monitor ranges anywhere from $15-$200, depending on the features and quality. High-quality baby monitors can cost anywhere from $200-$300.

Baby monitors without Wi-Fi FAQ

Are baby monitors safe for babies? 

A. Most wireless baby monitors emit a small, safe amount of radiation for daily use. However, if this is something that concerns you, you have the option to purchase a nonwireless baby monitor.  Moreover, do not position the monitor too close to the crib or playpen — placing it 3 feet away is considered a safe range.

Are baby monitors with Wi-Fi a better option? 

A. Both Wi-Fi baby monitors and traditional non-Wi-Fi baby monitors offer some advantages over the other. But, for the most part, the decision would come down to personal preference and needs. The biggest advantage to a non-Wi-Fi monitor is not having to have a strong and dependable Wi-Fi connection. If the internet goes down, so does the connection.

What are the best baby monitors without Wi-Fi to buy? 

Top baby monitor without Wi-Fi 

Babysense Video Monitor with Infrared Night Vision

Babysense Video Monitor with Infrared Night Vision

What you need to know: This monitor has all the necessities and perks you need for half the price of most monitors with the same features.  

What you’ll love: The Babysense monitor comes with infrared night vision, high battery life, motion sensor, eco mode, preprogrammed lullabies or white noise, wide rang screen, high-quality LCD camera, low battery and out-of-range alerts. There is also the option to add additional cameras at a later time.  

What you should consider: The range on this monitor is only 960 feet, while other monitors within a similar price range offer longer distances.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top baby monitor without Wi-Fi for the money

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

What you need to know: The VTech Audio Baby Monitor gives you advanced features for a minimal cost. 

What you’ll love: The range reaches up to 1,000 feet and offers top-quality alert features.  It offers a quality sound with two-way communication and comes with a rechargeable battery.   

What you should consider: This monitor does not come with a screen for visual monitoring of your baby. If you want to be able to see your baby, you will need to invest in a more advanced model with video capabilities.   

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Panasonic KX-HN4101W Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Panasonic KX-HN4101W Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 

What you need to know: This monitor offers many of the product features found in more expensive monitors but at an affordable price. If you want high quality at a price you can afford, this is the best option. 

What you’ll love: One of the best features for the price is the extra-long range. The average baby monitor can reach anywhere from 500-1000 feet, but this model ranges up to 1,488 feet. The model also provides night vision features and a temperature display for parents wanting to monitor the environment. 

What you should consider: The video display is black and white, and there is no range indicator or alert if the signal is lost.   

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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