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Which footie pajamas are best?

As the long winter nights draw in and ice frosts up the windows, there are few things more rewarding than being nestled on the sofa feeling cozy and warm. And what better way to get that homey comfort than an all-in-one suit that covers you from head to toes?

The best footie pajamas offer warmth while remaining breathable, feel snug yet are not restricting, and are soft against the skin. For little ones, Simple Joys by Carter’s Footed Cotton Pajamas are a top pick, but there are fine footies for all ages.

What to know before you buy footie pajamas

What are footie pajamas?

Footie pajamas are long-sleeved one-piece suits designed to be worn around the house or in bed. They differ from onesies in that they cover the feet, almost as if slippers have been incorporated into the outfit. They are typically worn in colder climates or seasons. Footies are most popular with babies, infants and children, but there are adult versions, too.

What to wear under footie pajamas

Most people opt for thin layers or conventional nightwear beneath their footies. This adds an additional layer of warmth and helps keep the footies clean. For babies and infants, parents choose a few layers, depending on the house’s temperature.

Footie pajama closures

Footies usually have either zip or button closures at the front. Zippers have the advantage of being quick to do up, but some parents prefer button closures for babies so they can undo only the lower half to change a diaper. The closures typically run from the collar to the ankle of one foot, but some adult footies only zip down to the navel.

What to look for in quality footie pajamas

Footie pajamas materials

As with any nightwear or loungewear, it’s important that your footies are both comfortable and breathable. Cotton, fleece, microfiber and bamboo are all choice materials for footies. These fabrics are soft to the touch but let the skin breathe, helping prevent the body from overheating and becoming clammy.

Footie pajamas patterns

Footies are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Stripes, polka dots and animal themes are great year-round options, while for Christmas, images of snowflakes, reindeer and Christmas trees are festive choices.

Slip-resistant soles

Because footies cover the soles of the feet, it’s important to have non-slip grips on the bottom. This is usually achieved with patterned rubber strips on the underside of the foot.

Elasticated ankles

Some footies have elastic around the ankles. This helps keep the feet in position and prevents the leg fabric from covering the feet and creating a tripping hazard.

Footie pajamas with a hood

Some footies feature a hood. This is a cozy addition, letting the pajamas offer full head-to-toe warmth.

Footie pajamas with removable feet

For those who want the option of airing their toes, it’s a good idea to get footies with detachable feet. This gives the wearer the option of having slipper-like comfort to walk around in, but also allows users to let their feet breathe should they get too hot.

How much you can expect to spend on footie pajamas

Footies for babies and infants can cost as little as $14 for a pack of three. However, those for teenagers and adults tend to cost around $30 per suit.

Footie pajama FAQ

Are all children’s footie pajamas flame-retardant?

A. No — it depends on the manufacturer. If the footies are not flame-retardant, parents should ensure that they fit snugly. That way, they will not ignite easily nor burn readily, as there will be little air beneath the clothing to keep it burning.

Can you buy footie pajamas for dogs?

dog onesie

A. Although finding footies for dogs is difficult, there are dog onesies. The only difference is that the paws are not covered. These can help your furry friend stay warm during cold months and keep their fur and dander off the furniture.

What are the best footie pajamas to buy?

Top footie pajamas

Simple Joys by Carter's 3-Pack Footed Cotton Pajamas

Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Footed Cotton Pajamas

What you need to know: These snug-fitting pajamas are perfect for infants and toddlers.

What you’ll love: These footies fit tight to the child’s skin, negating the need for fire-resistant chemicals. They have a zipper closure from the right ankle to the collar and a tab with a snap fastener to prevent the zip from rubbing against the chin.

What you should consider: The sizes tend to run a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top footie pajamas for the money

Gerber Baby-Girls 4-Pack Sleep N Play Footie

Gerber Baby-Girls 4-Pack Sleep ‘N Play Footie

What you need to know: These are the ideal outfits for babies to crawl around, play and sleep in.

What you’ll love: These adorable footies come in a variety of patterns and colors. They have mitten cuffs to stop the sleeves from rolling up when your little one moves and are machine washable.

What you should consider: They’re quite thin, so they aren’t the best for very cold climates.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SleepytimePJs Family Matching Fleece Pajamas

SleepytimePJs Family Matching Fleece Pajamas

What you need to know: These extremely cozy pajamas are sold in a variety of sizes, so the entire family can match.

What you’ll love: These festive fleece footies come in patterns of penguins, candy canes or snowflakes. They feature non-slip grips on the soles, and the feet portion of the adults’ sizes can be removed for comfort.

What you should consider: Those in warm locations might find them too hot.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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