Best Elsa costume for adults


There are both Elsa and Anna costumes for adults so Elsa cosplayers can have their sisters, friends or loved ones join in on the “Frozen” fun.

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Which Elsa costumes for adults are best?

“Frozen” is one of Disney’s most popular franchises, with heroines Elsa and Anna having captured everyone’s imagination. That includes both kids and kids at heart, as Elsa costumes for adults are all over the Halloween market. There are dozens of Elsa costume options available and different character styles to choose from. So how do you find the perfect Elsa costume for adults that will melt everyone’s heart this Halloween

The top Elsa costume for adults is the Disguise Frozen Elsa Adult Prestige Costume due to its comfortable material.

What to know before you buy an Elsa costume for adults

Duplicate product listings

The most important thing to know before buying an Elsa costume for adults is that there aren’t truly the hundreds of choices you’ll see in your search results. Elsa costumes are hugely popular, so there are lots of duplicate listings online. The medium size and large size of the same costume may have separate product listings. That means it’s much easier to find a great Elsa costume than it appears! Just look at pictures and brand names to make sure you’re not viewing the same costume twice.

Frozen vs. Frozen 2 costumes

There isn’t one standard type of Elsa costume. Elsa adult costumes have been released for both “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen 2.” Each movie has a completely different costume style. The most well-known Elsa costume including the teal dress is from the original “Frozen,” while the character’s newer look with the white dress is taken from the sequel. If searching for a specific look, using the appropriate movie title will help narrow down results.

Lack of accessories

Fans who want to go full-out on their Elsa costume for adults should be aware that most Elsa costumes don’t come with many accessories. The majority of costumes only include Elsa’s dress and cape. People who want gloves, a tiara or a wig to complete their look will have to purchase those items separately. Those extra purchases are not necessary to have a great Elsa costume, though, since the character’s look doesn’t depend on props.

What to look for in a quality Elsa costume for adults

Official product

The popularity of the “Frozen” franchise has resulted in lots of knockoff products. Quality costumes will be made by Disney or a known costume retailer, such as Disguise. Do not solely go by the brand name in the product listing, because many listings will be labeled as Disney. Check the product description to see if the Elsa costume you’re looking at is an officially licensed product. You can also verify this information by looking up the costume on the brand’s website.

Screen-accurate details

An Elsa costume isn’t great unless it makes the wearer look and feel like Elsa. Look closely at product photos to see if the costume is similar in style and color to the outfit depicted on screen. Does it have additional details that make it stand out further such as additional detailing on the dress or a snowflake pattern? Find the costume that reminds you of the character and gets you excited about wearing it.

Quality cape

The biggest thing that sets an Elsa costume for adults apart from other adult princess costumes is the cape. The cape is the costume’s primary accessory and the aspect that will catch people’s eyes first. Avoid costumes with a cape made out of thin material, as the cape will be more likely to tear or disintegrate when washed. If you’re shorter or purchasing for someone who is on the shorter side, be mindful of the length so that the cape doesn’t become a tripping hazard or get dragged across the ground.

How much you can expect to spend on an Elsa costume for adults

An Elsa costume for adults can vary widely in price from $45-$160, depending on the level detail and quality of the costume.

Elsa costume for adults FAQ

What’s the difference between an Elsa costume and a deluxe Elsa costume?

A. Some retailers list a “deluxe” (also known as a “prestige”) Elsa costume. That extra word is meant to indicate a higher level of detail or quality than the standard costume. A deluxe costume is more expensive than the regular version because of that additional work. However, because Elsa’s wardrobe is not overly detailed, there isn’t a significant difference between the regular and deluxe versions of most Elsa costumes. Fans can decide for themselves if they want to upgrade.

Do you need an Elsa costume tiara?

A. No. A tiara is not necessary to enjoy an Elsa costume for adults. The character is depicted without a tiara for a large portion of the “Frozen” films and on most “Frozen” merchandise. Die-hard fans can purchase an Elsa tiara to add to their costume but be aware that most of the currently available ones are made out of plastic and therefore can easily bend or break.

What are the best Elsa costumes for adults to buy?

Top Elsa costume for adults

Disguise Frozen Elsa Adult Prestige Costume

Disguise Frozen Elsa Adult Prestige Costume

What you need to know: This Elsa costume not only looks great, but it’s comfortable for adults to trick or treat in or wear for long periods of time.

What you’ll love: The costume has screen-accurate colors and style. Glitter fabric and a snowflake pattern on the cake add additional dimension. The cape is light and easy to move around in.

What you should consider: The cape goes all the way down to the floor, so it’s not ideal for shorter people. Some reviews say glitter gets everywhere while wearing the costume.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Elsa costume for adults for the money

Disguise Women's Elsa Ultra Prestige Costume

Disguise Women’s Elsa Ultra Prestige Costume

What you need to know: This adult Elsa costume is an incredible value with a different style than other choices.

What you’ll love: The cape is attached to the costume for easier wearing and washing. The costume features a fully sequined top that no other Elsa costume has. The cape is less opaque than other Elsa outfits.

What you should consider: The sequined area gives the costume a cool but not really screen-accurate look. Reviews say the costume runs small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disguise Frozen 2 Elsa Prestige Adult Costume

Disguise Frozen 2 Elsa Prestige Adult Costume

What you need to know: This Elsa costume for adults is the best “Frozen 2” outfit with an instantly recognizable look.

What you’ll love: This costume perfectly captures Elsa’s look from the “Frozen” sequel. The dress has sparkling diamond accents on both the chest and the hem, and the long sleeves and high neckline make it great for trick or treating in colder areas.

What you should consider: This is more expensive than most other Elsa costumes for adults and has less detail than other costumes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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