Best Christmas tree garland


Classic green garland would not be good for decorating a green Christmas tree, but it can be attached to stair railings and draped from the top of window frames with other decorations.

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Which Christmas tree garland is best?

Christmas tree garland is a must-have for decorating the tree, but there are so many possibilities. Some garland is shiny, some strings are slim and some add bulk and structure to the overall decoration of the tree.

If you want a pre-lit, realistic piece of garland made to look natural, the top choice is Pre-lit artificial Christmas garland. It conveniently adds lighting, pine cones and a body of realistic artificial green garland to your setup.

What to know before you buy Christmas tree garland

What kind of garland do you need?

Christmas tree garland could be primarily tinsel, beaded, fabric or other materials. Consider the feeling and theme for your Christmas tree before you buy anything. Determine the main colors of your decor and check what you already have before picking out a new piece of garland. 

Does it need to match?

If you have color-coordinated decorations and ornaments for your Christmas tree, consider that some products available online may have slightly different colors than what appears in the reference images. If it is crucially important that your garland matches the colors and style of items you already own, you may prefer finding what you need at a store in person.

What can you use garland on?

Aside from Christmas tree garland, the same pieces of material could potentially be used to decorate railings, stairways, fireplaces, windows, doors and more. Do not worry if you purchase more garland than you can fit on the tree because it could be trimmed and used for other decorations, depending on the materials you choose.

What to look for in quality Christmas tree garland


Garland manufactured with materials that last forever can be cost-effective because they can be used for many years. Some types of garland are more fragile than others, so be careful not to twist or tug too hard unless you know that the garland is built very durably. Christmas tree garland could be reinforced by using multiple strings or layers together.


Christmas tree tinsel garland is usually very shiny and reflects light to brighten your tree or make the most of fewer light strings. Other types can also make a bright sparkle design, though. Translucent beads or ribbons with shiny fabrics can achieve a similar sparkle to the tinsel garland. If you are not a fan of that look or do not want your garland to distract from other decorations, a subtle and not shiny alternative may be ideal.


The best garland options could be used for multiple decor purposes. If you use it on the Christmas tree this year, you might decide to go for a different style or appearance next year. Find garland that can adapt to multiple spots in your home so that your investment in fun Christmas tree garland never goes to waste and lasts year after year.

How much you can expect to spend on Christmas tree garland

You could guess that it will cost about $1 per foot of garland. Obviously, it varies based on the materials, but the most expensive and fancy garlands may have integrated Christmas tree lights built in.

Christmas tree garland FAQ

Can you make your own garland?

A. There are plenty of DIY methods you may want to try. Any material that can be stretched out or strung together may be useful for garland. It depends on the look you want for a tree. Ribbons and fabric, strings of beads or popcorn and pine cones or acorns can also make fun Christmas tree garland. Beaded garland just involves stringing many small parts together, while making your own tinsel garland could be a bit trickier. Check out any number of tutorials available online and you could be making your own decor in no time.

Is garland safe to use?

A. It depends on your home. If you have young children or pets, the material you use for garland could be an important safety matter. Avoiding shiny Christmas tree tinsel garland may be a good idea to prevent pets from being attracted to it and potentially eating a piece. Using large pine cones or ribbons prevents a potential choking hazard for small children. If a string of garland breaks and a bead or a small piece comes off, a young child may accidentally choke on the small part. Be careful about the types of decorations that you use and keep any hazardous decor out of the reach of small kids and animals.

What’s the best Christmas tree garland to buy?

Top Christmas tree garland

Pre-lit artificial Christmas garland

Pre-lit Artificial Garland

What you need to know: This realistic garland is built to last for years and is adaptable for multiple uses.

What you’ll love: It has the appearance of real pine and includes built-in lights and pine cones for a natural and festive style. It is 9 feet in length. The lights are battery-powered and have integrated timing to stay lit for a period of eight hours at a time. The garland is posable and could be attached to a Christmas tree, hung indoors or used outdoors.

What you should consider: It is a pretty expensive piece of decoration, due to the integrated lighting wires. The piece is fairly heavy as well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas tree garland for the money

Christmas tree gold tinsel garland

Gold Tinsel Garland

What you need to know: This affordable and shiny metallic garland reflects light well to add some glitz and shine to your tree or home.

What you’ll love: The garland comes in multiple holiday-appropriate colors, all with a metallic tinsel style. It is very lightweight and comes with 18 feet of material. It could be used as is or as a component for DIY decorations.

What you should consider: The garland is not very strong or durable, so it can be easily broken if you pull on it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Klikel Christmas Clear Iridescent and gold bead garland

Klikel Clear Iridescent and Gold Bead Garland

What you need to know: This beaded garland is shiny and can easily hang on a Christmas tree and anywhere else.

What you’ll love: The plastic beads are shatterproof, so falls and drops will not cause serious damage. It comes in gold and silver varieties, with a set of two separate 10-foot strings in each order. The beads shimmer and shine in the light, making a tree pop. 

What you should consider: Some customers reported receiving damaged parts. The strings are not very durable if twisted or pulled.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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