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Blue Christmas decorations and ornaments are back and booming, with many people switching to gorgeous retro-color palettes as a departure from standard reds and greens.

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Which blue Christmas ornament is best?

Red and green might be the most popular choice for decking the halls, but blue, gold, silver and white are also beautiful, traditional Christmas colors. Decorating for the holidays blue will add warmth, cheer and beauty to your home during Christmas. If you’re starting a new theme for your tree and have decided to go with blue ornaments, selecting the right set doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive.

The Blissun Christmas Ball Ornaments 60ct is an excellent buy for your tree with 60 pieces that coordinate perfectly for a striking and trendy finished result, all in one convenient package.

What to know before you buy a blue Christmas ornament

Blue ornaments

Not only do Christmas decorations have their own rich histories, they also have specific meanings. Blue ornaments are meant to represent generosity of spirit, which is very appropriate during the season of giving to others. Decorating with blue ornaments also heavily connotes the winter season, with icy accents and sparkling, glittering whimsy that is at once elegant, modern and enchanting.

Bundles and sets

Buying your blue ornaments separately is suitable for special or more ornate showpieces. These will often represent a memory, like a family milestone or trip, or simply catch your eye as a stunning addition to your home or tree.

The most cost-effective and easiest way to purchase your blue decorations and ornaments is in a larger set. These bundles may include bulb ornaments, hanging or dangling ornaments, a star or tree topper, beads or garland, icicles and more, depending on your selection.

Hanging ornaments

Ornament hooks are often necessary for affixing your ornament to the tree as not all ornaments come with ribbons, loops or strings for attaching them securely. When hanging your ornaments, try to layer them on interior branches closer to the trunk and on the front of the tree as well to create visual dimension, cover bare spots or extension cords and create a more polished overall look.

What to look for in a quality blue Christmas ornament


When purchasing Christmas ornaments you want to ensure you aren’t selecting a set which is so fragile that they will be easily broken when storing them, or damaged by children or pets when hanging them from the tree. Shatterproof ornaments provide a little extra durability and peace of mind, especially if you’re purchasing a set of glass bulbs. Many ornaments are now made of sturdy, eco-friendly plastic designed to look like glass, which is the best of both worlds.


If you’re getting your first Christmas tree, adding a second tree to your home or simply starting a brand new color scheme, you’ll want to purchase a large volume of ornaments at a reasonable price. Look for 34 piece sets at a minimum for a small tree, with 60 pieces or more being ideal if decorating a medium-sized tree with no additional ornaments. 

Attention to detail

Some Christmas ornament sets are very basic. They come in assorted colors and have no extra decorations, sparkle, glitter, designs or ornamentation which makes them stand out. Blue ornaments, however, truly shine when they are complemented with silver glitter, a dusting snow or cut and designed with lots of mirrored facets. 

How much you can expect to spend on a blue Christmas ornament

The price range for Christmas ornaments can vary by a surprising amount. If you are purchasing a set, you can expect to spend at least $20 with higher-end options costing closer to $60 or more.

Blue Christmas ornament FAQ

Are blue Christmas ornaments in style?

A. Yes. Blue Christmas ornaments were immensely popular mid-century, then went out of style. In the last few years, they’ve come back in a major way, growing more popular every holiday season.

Can blue Christmas ornaments be hung with colors other than white or silver?

A. It depends on the look you’re going for. If you have a tree that is full of different styles and colors of ornaments, then the sky’s the limit. If you’re trying to create a unified color palette with blue ornaments, it’s best to stay within the retro-winter holiday look that blue, silver and white create.

What’s the best blue Christmas ornament to buy?

Top blue Christmas ornament

Blissun Christmas Ball Ornaments 60ct Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Blissun Christmas Ball Ornaments 60-Count Ornaments

What you need to know: This beautiful set is made of shatterproof plastic that is quite durable and eco-friendly, is lightweight for hanging on fragile branches and is safe to be hung or handled by children.

What you’ll love: This set offers tremendous value for the price, with 60 pieces that can quickly and easily decorate a brand new tree in a gorgeous winter style. The ornaments come in three different finishes, which create a unified look, and include unique, higher-end accessories, like a beaded chain and finial-shaped pieces.

What you should consider: A couple of reviewers indicated they wished the beaded garland were a little longer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top blue Christmas ornament for the money

SY Craft Store 34ct Ball Christmas Ornaments for Xmas Tree Shatterproof

SY Craft Store 34-Count Ball Christmas Ornaments Shatterproof

What you need to know: This budget-friendly, 34-piece blue shatterproof Christmas ornament set from SY Craft Store comes in a variety of coordinated shapes and designs, which make your tree stand out.

What you’ll love: These durable bulb ornaments are kid- and pet-friendly. You don’t need to worry about them shattering easily. They look like glass and catch the light beautifully without being fragile.

What you should consider: A small number of customers received a package with dented bulbs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Valery Madelyn 100ct Winter Wishes Silver and Blue Christmas Ball Ornaments 

Valery Madelyn 100-Count Winter Wishes Silver and Blue Christmas Ball Ornaments 

What you need to know: This higher-end boxed set of gorgeous blue Christmas ornaments from Valery Madelyn is a show-stopping set of winter-themed shatterproof ornaments that provides nearly everything you need for decorating your tree.

What you’ll love: This elegant set includes some truly beautiful pieces with a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to elevate your Christmas tree. The ornaments are pre-tied with string for hanging and look simply stunning.

What you should consider: The slightly higher price point makes them more of a cost investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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