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Window squeegees are excellent glass-cleaning devices that include a flat and smooth blade made of rubber.

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Which window squeegees are best?

Windows collect a ton of visible dirt and debris, but window squeegees can help you cut through the dirt. Window squeegees are wonderful glass-cleaning devices that include a flat and smooth blade composed of rubber. These window squeegees are fairly effective since they push the dirt from the surface of the window. The Sorbo Squeegee Set is a superior window squeegee if you’re looking for a top product.

What to know before you buy a window squeegee

Consider the blade on the window squeegee

Most window squeegees feature a rubber blade that traps and pushes the dirt and water off of the window to achieve a clean window surface. Many blades are composed of soft rubber, but some come with hard rubber blades, which work better in hot climates. Some window squeegee blades comprise silicone, which works well in hot weather.

Think about the channel of the window squeegee

The channel of the window squeegee is the part that holds the blade in place. The channel is typically composed of metal. Channels come in a number of different lengths, but you should choose the length of the channel based on the width of the windows you clean.

Find a window squeegee with a comfortable and strong handle

Look for a window squeegee with a fairly strong and comfortable handle. It should be strong enough to scrape the water off of the window glass and comfortable enough for you to grip while you’re cleaning the windows.

What to look for in a quality window squeegee

Adjustable channel

Some window squeegees have adjustable channels, which allow you to shorten or lengthen the channel to use rubber blades of varying lengths on different window panes.

Quick-release head

If you don’t want an adjustable handle but you need to change the size of your window squeegee, you can look for one with a quick-release head. This quick-release head enables you to switch between various lengths of blades and channels to fit different windows better.


There are a couple of different types of handles, including swivel handles and threaded handles. A swivel handle allows you to pivot if needed, while a threaded handle attaches to an extension pole to reach higher window panes.

How much you can expect to spend on a window squeegee

Window squeegees range in price from about $9 to over $30. You can expect to pay $9-$15 for the most basic window squeegees, while other window squeegees are $15-$20. Top window squeegees go for more than $30.

Window squeegee FAQ

What is considered the top liquid solution for cleaning windows?

A. Stores sell a wide range of different window cleaners, but they can get fairly expensive. Most window cleaning experts, people who clean high-rise building windows and large plate-glass windows, say they use a simple bucket of cold water combined with a few droplets of dish soap. You can easily spread the solution onto the window with a sponge and clean the window with your new window squeegee.

What should you do if you have a spot on the window that the window squeegee won’t touch?

A. You can clean the spot with super fine steel wool to remove extremely stubborn dirt and debris. But don’t use anything more abrasive, like abrasive cleaning pads or high-grade steel wool, since you could risk scratching your window.

Gritty sand and dirt can also easily scratch the window if the debris is pulled across the window with a tool like a window squeegee. That’s why you need to keep the window wet and use lots of window solutions when using a window squeegee.

How often do you need to replace a rubber window squeegee blade?

A. You can make your window squeegee blades last for nearly a year if you carefully store them when they’re not in use. You should store the entire window squeegee, or at least the rubber blade, in a dry and dark space that’s not directly exposed to sunlight, since UV rays can be harmful to rubber.

High heat can also soften the rubber blade and lead to its deterioration. If you live in a particularly hot or warm climate, you shouldn’t keep your window squeegee in the garage, since the garage can get too hot.

What are the best window squeegees to buy?

Top window squeegee

Sorbo Squeegee Set

Sorbo Squeegee Set

What you need to know: This window squeegee comes with multiple professional features and fits many extension poles.

What you’ll love: This professional-grade Sorbo window squeegee includes a temperature-resistant, 18-inch rubber blade with a 40-degree angle on the tips for accessing corners. The window squeegee is also lightweight and comes with an additional blade.

What you should consider: It doesn’t come with any instructions, and the bevel isn’t sharp enough.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top window squeegee for the money

Unger Professional Stainless Steel Squeegee

Unger Professional Stainless Steel Squeegee

What you need to know: This affordable window squeegee from Unger has a comfortable handle and a long blade.

What you’ll love: The inexpensive window squeegee features a 16-inch blade and is compatible with any of the Unger poles for extended reaching. The blade offers 100% streak-free cleaning.

What you should consider: Some users say the rubber is too thin to do the job right.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ettore Solid Brass Window Squeegee

Ettore Solid Brass Window Squeegee

What you need to know: This window squeegee gets plenty of praise for its elegant brass appearance.

What you’ll love: This Ettore window squeegee has a rustproof design, a great build, and heavy-duty brass construction with an 18-inch blade. It also fits on all REA-CH extension poles from Ettore.

What you should consider: Some consumers say this window squeegee can leave streaks on the windows.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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