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When rolling a joint, use a filter or a “crutch” to prevent sogginess and maximize air flow.

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Which rolling paper is best?

Rolling papers are one of the most used cannabis accessories in the world, seeing as smoking joints as one of the top ways to consume the plant. For those who find that bongs and other glass pieces just aren’t for them, premium rolling papers aren’t just an accessory — they’re a necessity.

Rolling papers can make or break a great spliff, and negatively alter the flavor of your cannabis, but there are so many options available that it can be tough to pick. Read this shopping guide to figure out how to get the perfect drag, and the most bang for your buck. We’ve also curated a few rolling paper recommendations, like our all-natural, first choice by Elements that comes in a sleek, magnetized box.

What to know before you buy a rolling paper


Most commonly, rolling papers are made of wood pulp, as many cigarettes were rolled in this material. However, healthier and generally better options on the market are available, such as flax, rice, and hemp. Hemp has gained traction over the past few years, and hemp-based papers have a fine texture.

Rice rolling papers are can contain additives such as flax or sugar. Rice papers are a popular choice for their thinness and lack of flavor. Wood pulp papers are the thickest and most popular choice for beginners. Novelty papers such as clear rolling papers and gold rolling papers also exist but are less popular choices.

Rolling paper glue

Glue in rolling papers can be made from cellulose sugar or natural gum. This sugar glue has a base of glycerol, a natural compound used to sweeten food. Some papers use Arabic gum, which is the healthiest choice.


The smokability of a paper is its ability to stay lit without needing frequent relighting. Wood pulp stays lit most effectively, while the usually impressive rice paper needs to be relit the most.

Burn rate

Rice paper tends to burn slowest, while hemp burns at a moderate rate, and wood pulp burns very quickly.

Environmental impact

Wood pulp and hemp papers leave the biggest carbon footprint, while rice paper is the most sustainable.

Rolling difficulty

Some materials are easier to roll, while others are tougher. Papers using wood pulp are usually easiest to roll, hemp papers are moderate, while rice papers are the most difficult to roll.

What to look for in a quality rolling paper


The goal is for papers to be as tasteless as possible so that you can fully enjoy and experience the flavor of the cannabis itself. Wood pulp papers have the most obvious flavor, while hemp sits somewhere in the middle, and rice is the most tasteless.

Some rolling papers come in different flavors, ranging from birthday cake to coconut, but they burn faster than non-flavored papers.


  • Single: These are the perfect choice if you’re smoking for one and want to make a small, tight joint with minimal paper. Too slim to puff, puff, pass.
  • 1 1/4-inch: Good for one to three people. One of the most popular sizes and can yield a joint the size of a cigarette.
  • 1 1/2-inch: Good for three to five people. Yields a joint larger than a cigarette but smaller than a cigar filled with cannabis.
  • Double-wide: While you can roll a larger joint with double-wide papers, they often result in inhaling more paper than cannabis. Good for practicing rolling.
  • King: Good for four to five, or solo if you have a higher tolerance. Better ventilation, more tokes, and easier to handle than smaller joints.

How much you can expect to spend on a rolling paper

Individual packs of rolling papers usually cost $1-$3 a pack, but the more you buy in bulk, the cheaper the final cost is. 5-10 packs can be bought from $4-$10, while 10-25 packs can cost $10-$20.

Rolling paper FAQ

Q. Are rolling papers bad for my health?

A. Papers made with wood pulp are often bleached to give them a lighter appearance. Bleach and other chemicals such as chlorine or calcium carbonate may be present, so opt for unbleached options if this is a concern.

Q. Can flavored rolling papers ever improve the taste of cannabis?

A. Yes — if your cannabis is dry, stale, or you just don’t like the flavor, a flavored paper can help mask a poor taste.

What are the best rolling papers to buy?

Top rolling paper

25-Pack Elements 1 1/4” Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

25-Pack Elements 1 1/4-inch Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper

What you should know: Ultra-thin rice papers with sugar gum and a slightly sweet burn.

What you’ll love: Magnetic closure ensures papers never get wrinkled. A slow burn with caramel undertones that don’t overpower.

What you should consider: Hard for novices to roll, and papers curl in humidity.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top rolling paper for money

5-Pack Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers

5-Pack Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers

What you should know: Ultra-thin translucent papers with natural hemp gum and smooth smoke.

What you’ll love : Additive-free and 100%-vegan papers with minimal flavor and no harsh exhale.

What you should consider: Papers rip easily and can burn disproportionately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

10-pack Juicy Jay’s mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Papers

10-pack Juicy Jay’s mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Papers

What you should know: 10 unique and intense flavors with the triple-dipped system to improve the taste of a joint.

What you’ll love: Easy to roll. Makes smoking an unexpected surprise each time, minus the artificial ingredients.

What you should consider: Some report flavors to be too intense, and glue to be weak.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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