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Most projection keyboards offer fairly similar functionality, save for a few features that may make or break the experience for users with specific needs.

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Which projection keyboards are best?

Laser projection keyboards, also known as virtual keyboards, have grown significantly in popularity ever since many buyers discovered them from a viral TikTok video. There are a variety of projection keyboards available with a wide array of features, so it’s important to consider exactly what you hope to get out of your purchase.

If you aren’t looking for any specific features, the AGS Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard is a great place to start, offering a bright laser keyboard with a phone or tablet mount for a reasonable price.

What to know before you buy a projection keyboard

How you plan to use your projection keyboard

Most importantly, you’ll want to think about how you plan to use your projection keyboard, as this will largely determine if you need to look for any specific features or kinds of laser keyboards. While many of the best virtual keyboards are simple and straightforward, some include specific features that you might require, like a phone or tablet mount, extra-spaced-out key configurations or simply a portable enough build to fit into a backpack.

Projection keyboards take getting used to

Note that for many buyers, it takes some time to get used to projection keyboards, partially because so many people are used to the physical sensation of keyboards. Some buyers have said that without the tactile response of keys beneath their fingers, it takes them longer to type on projection keyboards, since they require a little more precision.

Must be used in dim or dark places for best results

One important downside of projection keyboards is that they’re difficult to use in brightly lit settings, and generally, the darker the atmosphere, the easier they are to see. Those who don’t have a dimly lit space where they can work may want to consider a projection keyboard with a particularly bright laser display, which will help make the most out of imperfect lighting conditions.

What to look for in a quality projection keyboard

Crisp laser projection and keys

The most significant feature in a quality projection keyboard is probably the crispness of the projection and keys, since this will determine how well the product works as a keyboard. The brightest laser projection keyboards will also offer the best visual experience, while others may use key spacing to compensate for any brightness shortcomings. While many virtual keyboards include fairly normal key spacing, others may increase accuracy by spacing the letters out more, or by using circular keys with more space in between by default.

Phone or tablet stand

One common and useful feature included with many projection keyboards is a built-in phone or tablet stand, which allows users to display their phone atop the projector part of the virtual keyboard. This can be particularly useful in letting you use the keyboard and phone or tablet as a laptop, without having to figure out the best way to prop it up.


Another important feature for any projection keyboard is responsiveness, or the speed and accuracy with which the keystrokes display on your screen. While projection keyboards may not be as responsive as the average keyboard, many buyers can find models that are responsive enough to be suitable for their mobile keyboard needs.

How much you can expect to spend on a projection keyboard

Cheap projection keyboards may not be as affordable as regular keyboards, but most buyers can still find a suitable one without breaking the bank. In most cases, you can expect to spend between $40 -$120 on projection keyboards.

Projection keyboard FAQ

Are projection keyboards real?

A. While the keys on a projection keyboard might not be “real” in a traditional sense, the projection keyboard itself is very real — despite sometimes being referred to as a virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboards can enable you to type more easily on smartphones and tablets.

Do projection keyboards work on PCs?

A. Some projection keyboards do work on PCs if they can pair using Bluetooth or a USB connection, while others are simply designed for use with phones and tablets.  Before making your purchase, check each product listing for compatibility with your devices.

What’s the best projection keyboard to buy?

Top projection keyboard

AGS Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets

AGS Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets

What you need to know: This powerful projection keyboard works great for smartphones, tablets and a number of computers, featuring a Bluetooth connection and a rechargeable battery.

What you’ll love: This unit’s premium lithium-ion battery lasts quite a while, and offers a fairly bright laser projection display that’s easier to use than most projection keyboards. It also includes a convenient stand for your phone or tablet.

What you should consider: A few buyers didn’t like how the keys were laid out. Others didn’t like the sounds it generated and ended up muting the unit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top projection keyboard for the money

Mojo Bluetooth Portable Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard with Full Keypad

Mojo Bluetooth Portable Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard with Full Keypad

What you need to know: This projection keyboard comes at a reasonable price point and offers decent projection and a mostly full-size keyboard.

What you’ll love: With its simple Bluetooth connection, this projection keyboard is a great, affordable take on the virtual keyboard. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, a backup USB cable and a simple mouse mode that some users like.

What you should consider: This unit doesn’t include a phone or tablet stand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Serafim Keybo Laser Projection Keyboard with Bonus Piano Keyboard and Four Sounds

Serafim Keybo Laser Projection Keyboard with Bonus Piano Keyboard and Four Sounds

What you need to know: Along with carrying many of the basic projection keyboard features, this model has a mode that turns it into a piano keyboard, offering four sounds.

What you’ll love: This powerful laser projection keyboard probably has the best key layout and configuration out there, with a little added space between keys and correct spots for each key. In addition, users love the piano keyboard option, as well as the smartphone or tablet stand on top.

What you should consider: Despite the addition of a music keyboard option, many found this projection keyboard model too expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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