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Night vision cameras are used in the military to track nighttime activities.

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Which night vision cameras are best?

Our eyes and even our phone cameras can’t pick up objects at night or in low-light environments in general. That’s why night vision cameras are crucial when recording videos at night, or when you want a security camera that can work properly in those conditions. Using special technology, night vision cameras can pick up on things that move in the dark, whether it be a possible home intruder or just a friendly critter. If you’re looking for a waterproof and secretive night vision camera, the Blink Outdoor is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a night vision camera


If you’re using a night vision camera for security, be sure where you want to place it. It’s generally good to place them in corners of your home for indoor use, and on corners of the outside of your home for outdoor use. Having a camera right in front of your home can be beneficial, too, so that you can get an up close look at the faces that approach the front door. 

Types of night vision

The common types of night vision are low-light, infrared, and thermal. Low-light is useful for low-light conditions, as it relies upon natural lighting to detect objects. However, low-light cameras may be rendered useless when in areas with absolutely no light. That’s where infrared cameras can be more useful, as they can detect thermal energy and turn it into an electronic signal that shows up on your device. Thermal cameras are very similar, except that infrared can use small lights to detect images, whereas thermal technology relies upon heat signatures. 

Motion tracking

While still cameras can be more affordable, motion-tracking cameras are crucial for recording footage at night. Especially when used for security purposes, night vision cameras with motion tracking can help follow the movements of certain entities that are moving around your surrounding area.

What to look for in a quality night vision camera


Look for a camera that at least has 1080p HD resolution, as anything less can result in poor footage and quality. Having a good resolution is especially crucial when using the camera at night, as you want to be able to detect people and other objects when you need to. Having cameras with resolutions such as 4K can be great, but tend to be considerably more expensive. 

Wireless connectivity

Some night vision cameras require it to be connected to your building through wires, and that can be a hassle for some, especially if you want to place the camera outside. Fortunately, many of the latest night vision cameras have wireless capability and can simply be powered on batteries, rechargeable batteries or solar energy. Solar-rechargeable cameras, however, tend to cost much more than other models. 

Cloud Storage

Assuming you want your night vision camera to operate 24/7 when used for security purposes, you’re going to need a lot of storage. There are various types of storage tools, such as an SD card, that can exceed 1 TB of storage. If you’re someone who prefers physical storage, then a 1 TB SD card might be your best choice, because you’re going to need a lot of storage, and you will have to replace the card eventually when the storage gets full. The easiest way to store the footage is to have cloud storage. Many devices will offer some type of cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying storage cards and can easily access the footage. 

How much you can expect to spend on night vision camera

Night vision cameras range from $30-$1,000, where if you just want a simple security camera or camcorder that captures video at night, they’ll cost $30-$200. Midrange devices have a price tag between $200-$500, and you can find cameras that have at least 1000k resolution and have webcam capabilities. But if you want a high-end night vision camera that can record in full 4K HD resolution and has features, such as solar recharge capability, then those will cost $500-$1,000. 

Night vision camera FAQ

Do night vision cameras work in complete darkness?

A. Unless you have an extremely high-end night vision camera, these cameras can be difficult to use on cloudy nights and in a completely dark room as the infrared and other technologies used in these cameras often rely on some natural lighting, such as the moon and stars to create a visual of objects at night. 

How far can a night vision security camera see?

A. Night vision cameras can typically see objects at night that are 100 to 200 feet away, but high-end devices can see even further. 

What’s the best night vision camera to buy?

Top night vision camera

Blink Outdoor

Blink Outdoor

What you need to know: With a 1080 HD resolution, this camera is great for night vision for indoor and outdoor environments. 

What you’ll love: Compatible with your phone and Amazon Alexa so that the camera can notify you when it detects motion. Built to last in wet outdoor conditions.

What you should consider: The mobile app can be slow at times. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top night vision camera for the money

Blink Mini

Blink Mini

What you need to know: Using a simple setup process, this camera can be put up in your home within minutes. 

What you’ll love: The Blink app allows you to see and talk to people in your home when you’re not there. Blink offers subscription packages so that you can store video on the cloud. 

What you should consider: It’s more suitable for indoors than outside. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LaView Security Cameras for Home

LaView Security Cameras for Home

What you need to know: Along with cloud storage being available, this night vision camera also comes with two complimentary SD cards for extra storage.

What you’ll love: The camera has pan and tilt capability so that it can rotate its view around its surrounding area. Comes with its own app, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What you should consider: Some find navigating the app to be difficult. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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