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Baking soda can be used to refresh carpet. Sprinkle it on a rug, then vacuum to deodorize the rug.

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Which fall rugs are best?

Fall rugs are a functional and cozy addition to seasonal home decor. There are a variety of ways a fall rug can be incorporated into a home’s seasonal decorations. While most shoppers prefer to purchase accent rugs as seasonal fall decorations, there are a number of other rug styles that should also be considered.

The top choice for fall rugs is the Levtex Home “Welcome to Our Patch” 20” x 34” Accent Rug

What to know before you buy a fall rug 

Fall area rugs 

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, an area rug is designed to cover a small dimension of a room. There are a wide variety of area rugs on the market that can be used for the fall season. A fall area rug will feature seasonal colors, designs or patterns. Area rugs frequently need to be paired with a rug pad, which are sold separately. Rug pads grip the carpet onto the floor so they do not move or slip when walked over. Check out BestReviews guide to the best rug pads to learn more.  

Fall kitchen rugs

The kitchen is one of the top locations to place a fall rug. Unlike an area rug, a kitchen rug has a built-in nonslip pad. Kitchen rugs are often smaller than area rugs and constructed with thick foam materials designed to cushion the feet. When shopping for a fall kitchen rug, look for one that is water resistant and mold/mildew resistant. It is recommended that area rugs not be used in the kitchen because they are not designed to be slip-proof, which can pose a safety hazard. 

Common fall area rug shapes and sizes  

Fall rugs come in a variety of shapes, each designed to fit in specific areas of the home. The top rug shapes carried by retailers include:

  • Rectangular 
  • Square 
  • Circle 
  • Oval
  • Octagon
  • Runner

What to look for in a quality fall rug 

Reversible rugs 

Simply put, a reversible rug can be used on any side. There are several benefits associated with reversible rugs. Since the design on a reversible rug is versatile, it can be positioned in the home in whatever way fits best. Reversible rugs can also be rotated so that wear and tear is evenly spread out. Frequently rotating a reversible rug will extend the rug’s lifespan, which makes a reversible fall rug a great choice for high traffic areas in the home. 

Fall outdoor rugs 

There are a couple of features that distinguish an indoor rug from an outdoor rug or doormat. An outdoor fall rug is constructed with a thick, heavy-duty, nonslip floor covering. Often outdoor rugs and doormats are waterproof or at very least, water resistant. An outdoor fall rug that is purchased to be used as a doormat must be durable enough to withstand people wiping their feet. 

Nonslip rugs

It is important to purchase nonslip rugs for the kitchen and bathroom. The degree to which a rug will need to be nonslip for other locations in the home will vary. Runner rugs, doormats and any rug that is purchased for a high traffic area should be made slip proof with rug pads. When searching for a nonslip rug, the best construction style is an attached nonslip mat that stretches the entire length of the rug, which will prevent the rug edges from curling. This style of construction will also keep the rug from shifting while vacuuming, in addition to being nonslip while being walked over. 

Handmade rugs 

The most common handmade rug is produced by a person who hand-knots the fibers. The process of hand-knotting a rug is incredibly taxing, so they tend to carry a higher price point than other rugs on the market. Oriental rugs are another handmade rug style that is produced by hand on a specialized loom. Oriental rugs also cost quite a bit more because the weaver must insert knots into the rug then tie each by hand while weaving the rug on a loom. 

How much you can expect to spend on a fall rug

A fall rug will cost anywhere between $25-$100 depending upon size and construction materials. 

Fall rug FAQ

What size is best for a fall rug?

A. When a fall rug of the correct size is placed in a room, it will balance the space and clearly define an area. However, a rug that is too small or too large will make the room appear to be off-kilter. Always measure the space before ordering a rug. Consider marking-off the area a rug will take up with masking tape to see if the size is appropriate before purchase. It is suggested that a 18 inch border between the wall and other rugs is kept, for style and interior design purposes. 

What is the best way to care for a fall rug? 

A. Proper care can dramatically extend the life cycle of a rug. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for care, as each rug is slightly different. Generally speaking, a rug can be spot cleaned with a mild, dye-free dish soap that is diluted with water. Stain remover that is specially formulated for stubborn stains is another great option for cleaning rugs. For everyday wear and tear, seasonal rugs should be frequently vacuumed or run through the washing machine.

What are the best fall rugs to buy?

Top fall rug

Levtex Home “Welcome to Our Patch” 20” x 34” Accent Rug

Levtex Home “Welcome to Our Patch” 20” x 34” Accent Rug

What you need to know: A welcome rug for indoor use that is fall-themed with a “welcome to our patch” and an array of colorful pumpkins. 

What you’ll love: This rug is machine washable and easy to spot clean, with polyester fabric and a skin resistant backing.

What you should consider: This is a smaller rug.  

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond 

Top fall rug for the money

Mohawk Home Prismatic Pumpkin Spice Latte Rug

Mohawk Home Prismatic Pumpkin Spice Latte Rug 

What you need to know: A fun pumpkin spice latte seasonal rug. 

What you’ll love: This rug is constructed from recycled polyester materials with a heavy duty non-skid latex backing. This rug comes in two sizes, 2 x 3 feet or 3 x 4 feet and can be used indoors in a variety of rooms.

What you should consider: This rug must be spot cleaned only, since it is not machine washable. 

Where to buy: Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Jasia Jas12 Rust Red 2’ x 6' Runner Area Rug

Jasia Jas12 Rust Red 2’6” x 10” Runner Area Rug 

What you need to know: A runner rug featuring fall, rust colored, striped, seasonal tones. 

What you’ll love: This versatile modern style runner rug is fade resistant, kid and pet friendly and easy to clean. This rug is ideal for hallways, kitchens and along bedsides.

What you should consider: A rug pad must be purchased separately.  

Where to buy: Macy’s


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