HARPURSVILLE, NY (WFLA) – Fans of April the Giraffe and her baby bid farewell to their favorite giraffe family last week, but the zoo where they live shared some good news this weekend.

On Friday, The Animal Adventure Park in New York turned off the giraffe camera live stream that allowed people all over the world to watch April throughout her pregnancy and birth.

But in a Facebook post on Sunday, the zoo said the camera is not gone for good.

This week, the zoo says it will announce viewing times for when fans can check in on April and her unnamed baby boy. The zoo also says a permanent camera in the yard will go up this season to monitor the famous giraffes.

The Facebook post also gave a tentative date for when we will learn the baby’s name. The top 10 names will be announced in the coming days, and we could know the baby boy’s name by May 1.MORE STORIES ABOUT APRIL –