TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — An Ocala police officer was arrested for aggravated stalking a Marion County deputy, according to an arrest report.

Natawi Chin, 27, allegedly stalked the deputy, who is his ex-girlfriend.

The report claimed an employee of the Ocala Police Department approached another employee about concerns about the ongoing incident between the victim and her former boyfriend, Chin.

The conversation stemmed from an audio message that Chin sent the victim, threatening to shoot up her residence.

According to the documents, Chin and the victim broke up in March or April 2023. The victim told deputies he never got physically violent, but has been verbally aggressive.

Chin reportedly drove by her home and noticed another car at her residence. Chin began calling her, sending audio messages, and knocking on her window.

That’s when he threatened to shoot up the house if he saw another man there.

One of the threats recorded said, “I would have texted this to you but then you could get me arrested for written threats, I’ll drive by your house and shoot it up, stop playing with me.”

The victim replied saying, “IDK (I don’t know) if I should be laughing at what you said or be scared.”

“You should be scared,” Chin replied.

The victim’s parents told deputies they saw Chin’s vehicle on the street multiple times, with him not in the car. They saw him banging on her front door and windows.

Deputies talked to the current man the victim is dating, who claimed he once left the residence to go to his truck but retreated back inside and locked the doors. Chin allegedly wanted to speak with both of them.

The arrest report confirmed Chin was keeping tabs on the victim’s activity and her car being home.

The investigation remains ongoing.