(WFLA) — A sick baby gorilla was given a second chance at life after a dedicated zookeeper took in the animal after its real mother rejected him.

Chad Staples, the Managing Director at Australian Wildlife Parks, took on the role of “mum” for baby Kauis, whose mother rejected him after he developed sepsis pneumonia on Oct. 21, according to local reports.

Staples has shared several videos of baby Kauis’s milestones on his Facebook page.

“Today was another big step forward,” Staples said in one video. “Every day he is learning the most important [skills] which is the gorilla communication languages from the family… don’t judge us on our style today as we will definitely get better.”

In another video, posted in December 2022, Kaius can be seen being held up to a wire fence as his grandmother, Kriba, approaches.

“Each day we have sessions like this,” Staples wrote in the caption, “sometimes the family is interested and other times we just get some glances but it’s all about ensuring the group still knows that he is… part of the group.”

“A really important point to share at this time is that full reintroduction is a long way off yet,” he added.