WARSAW (WFLA) — Remember the mannequin challenge? Well, police in Poland say a guy tried and failed his spin on it when he tried to pretend to be a mannequin and steal from a mall.

Officers in Śródmieście, Poland, said the 22-year-old suspect stood in a shop window to avoid getting caught by the cameras, using a purse to try to sell the illusion.

Authorities said after the mall closed, he stole from a jewelry stand, and on another day, he ate stolen food and switched his clothes out for new ones, even slipping under a steel rolling steel door.

Eventually, the man’s ruse stopped working, and security personnel caught him. According to police, the thief had a history of other thefts in another location.

The wannabe mannequin was arrested on charges of with burglary and theft, which police say could land him in prison for 20 years.