(WFLA) — Fast food chain McDonald’s had a bit of a mishap when it placed an ad for its McCrispy burger next to a crematorium in the United Kingdom.

CornwallLive reported that the ad was present at a bus stop opposite the Penmount Crematorium in Cornwall, England.

To make matters worse, the “McCrispy” ad was on full display right next to a sign pointing to the crematorium.

The picture of the sign got a laugh from some of the locals after it was shared by CornwallLive.

“No worse than our local council entertaining the idea of allowing a crematorium to be built next door to a retirement village,” one commenter told the news outlet.

Another woman, whose family had to use the crematorium for her mother-in-law, said while some may find it funny, it is pretty tasteless.

“I’m sure some grieving family members won’t like to see it when visiting Penmount for the funeral and cremation of a loved one,” she told CornwallLive.

While McDonald’s wasn’t exactly under fire for the coincidence, the company did take the situation seriously.

“We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop. However, in light of the concerns raised by Cornwall Live, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed,” a spokesperson told Insider.

It’s not the first time the chain triggered controversy over a misstep in its European ads. In 2019, McDonald’s had to apologize for a Halloween ad in Portugal using the words “Sundae Bloody Sundae.”

The ad drew some flack over an apparent reference to Bloody Sunday, the 1972 incident where the British military shot at unarmed protestors in Derry, North Ireland. The shooting resulted in 14 deaths.