PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A woman accused a man of cheating before she was stabbed to death at the Blue Jay Mobile Home Park in Dade City early Sunday, according to an affidavit from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses told investigators that the victim and Adam Short had been arguing with each other all day.

Short told deputies that the victim accused him of cheating. He said his aunt picked him up and took him to her house so he could distance himself from the victim. A witness told deputies that Short’s aunt took him to the hospital during that time because Short believed the victim was “trying to kill him or have someone kill him,” the affidavit said.

When Short returned to the house, he said he had a “lengthy discussion with the victim concerning her accusations.” He said they exchanged cell phones so they could review each other’s text messages.

Short said he went into the bathroom to look through the victim’s phone. He said he took a shower and started to feel chest pains after taking his prescription medicine so he called 911. He said he was going to go to the hospital but once first responders arrived, he no longer wanted medical treatment and went back into the house.

The affidavit said Short later made conflicting statements when he said he saw the victim bleeding on the ground when he got back inside. He also said the victim was outside with him to greet first responders.

In the 911 call, investigators said Short said someone was trying to kill him and that he was having chest pains from the medication he took. During the call, deputies said they heard a female voice in the background asking for help and saying that she had been stabbed.

When the dispatcher asked who was with Short, he said it was his “old lady.”

Investigators spoke with another witness who said he received several Facebook video calls from Short that day. Short told the witness that he believed the victim was going to kill or poison him.

Around 11:35 p.m., the witness said he got a call from the victim’s Facebook account, which the victim and Short share. The witness said he saw Short holding what appeared to be a black-handled knife in one of his hands. He also said he heard the victim in the background “begging for her life” and telling Short to “stop.”

The witness said Short admitted to battering the woman and told him that “he was going to die today so the victim was going to die, as well.” The video went blurry and the witness said he heard a “gurgle” which he believed was the victim getting stabbed or cut with the knife. Then the call ended.

Detectives said they spoke with Short again and he continued to deny any wrongdoing.

He was arrested and charged with murder.