TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – Frustrated and disappointed.  Those are two words that describes a number of Wells Fargo Bank customers in Tampa.

On Friday, the company announced it is closing down 400 branches nationwide.  Company officials have not released the locations that will be affected locally.

Customers visiting the West Kennedy branch wonder what this will mean for them.

Larhonda Williams already had a bad experience with the company and now wonders what’s next.

“My concern is convenience, having to go find another bank,” said Williams.

Chuck Coffee believes Wells Fargo shuttering 400 branches may be a sign of a larger problem.

“Something’s wrong.  And I hope Donald Trump does something about it,” said Coffee.

“He said he’s going to make America great again.  When your banks are closing, 400?  Something’s wrong.”

Wells Fargo claims the reason for the closings is customers shift to online banking versus conducting business in person.

But, the announcement is curious, following an account scandal.

The bank suffered serious backlash over revelations that employees opened two-million unauthorized accounts in customer’s names.

In November, we learned the number of new account openings at Wells Fargo plunged.  Bank officials reported they were down 44-percent in October compared to 2015.

Jenn Ardila believes the closings will affect customer service.

“My concern is if I need to go into a branch because I need personal assistance, that I need them there for me,” said Ardila.

“So if you’re closing down a branch, and I cannot use the ATM and cannot use online banking, I need a person a representative who’s there for me. “

The 400 branches are scheduled to close by 2018.