TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Adult wolves were caught on camera being the best parents, as they carry “toys” to their dens for their pups.

Scientists at Yellowstone National Park documented the wolves, from the Mollie’s pack, over time bringing some interesting items to their babies.

“Pups await food deliveries from successful hunts, but in the absence of food adults bring ‘toys’,” the park said in a statement.

This instinct to bring the “toys” is likely reinforced by evolution, and keeps the adult wolves from being mobbed by “sharp puppy teeth.”

According to Yellowstone National Park, wolf packs usually have four to five pups in their litter each year. By October, most of the pups are big enough to travel with the pack.

“Pups that survive the winter have learned to help the pack hunt large prey like elk and bison and will help raise the pack’s next litter of pups—delivering food, and sometimes toys,” the park said.