WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The Trump Administration hosted an event Monday at the White House to defend law enforcement officers following months of unrest over police brutality.

“Our country’s police officers have been really under siege,” President Donald Trump said Monday.

“We’re gonna back the blue,” Vice President Mike Pence added.

The White House invited individuals to Monday’s event who are grateful for lifesaving police action. Among them was a South Carolina mother whose baby was saved by an officer in Charleston.

“I instantly asked her for the baby, who is now my goddaughter,” Berkeley County Deputy William Kimbro from South Carolina said.

A man overcoming drug addiction in Louisville, Kentucky was also in attendance.

“My son would not have his father today if it wasn’t for those officers,” Kenneth Bearden said.

Bearden started using drugs when he was 11 years old and has overdosed 30 times. He said the officer who saved him was his elementary school best friend.

“One of the many things that has put me on track to be here today,” Bearden added.

As the police reform discussion returns to the spotlight at the White House, efforts to find a compromise are progressing on Capitol Hill.

Just last week, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott – the leading Republican for reforms – said he’s talking with Democrats about finding a common ground.

“They’re all Democrats who are interested in getting to a yes,” Scott said last Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reaffirmed Monday that the president “stands with our police officers.”

Bearden said he just wants to see everyone come together instead of being divided, “and work together collectively and unite.”

Lawmakers could return to the issue of police reform sometime before the end of July.