WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – The United Nations Security Council met on Monday to discuss concerns about a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

At the meeting, Russia’s ambassador Vassily Nebenzia downplayed the country’s military actions and accused the U.S. of misleading the international community. U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield didn’t back down. 

“Russia’s military buildup on the border has been paired with extensive new demands and aggressive rhetoric. This is an escalation and a pattern of aggression,” Thomas-Greenfield said. 

Russia pointed the finger back at the U.S. 

“They themselves are whipping up tensions and rhetoric and are provoking escalation,” Nebenzia said. “No threat of a planned invasion into Ukraine from the lips of any Russian politician or public figure over all of this period has been made.”

Thomas-Greenfield shot back by talking about the thousands of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border. 

“This is as clear and consequential, a threat to peace and security as anyone can imagine,” Thomas-Greenfield said. 

State Department spokesman Ned Price says the meeting put a global spotlight on Russia and shows that world leaders are united against a possible invasion. 

“Diplomacy and dialogue remains our preferred course. But there was a resounding call from the Security Council this morning that Russia should avail itself of that course,” Price said. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reiterated the threat of sanctions against Russia if they do invade Ukraine. 

“You can’t just stand by and accept one country trying to invade and take land from another country. And this is also about protecting the sovereignty of a country,” Psaki said. 

The U.N. did not vote to take any action.