WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Dads on Capitol Hill have teamed up to form the Congressional Dads Caucus.

The caucus plans to push for family-friendly legislation and advocate for parents. 

Congressman Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) launched the group on Thursday alongside other lawmaking dads.

Gomez made headlines earlier this year when he brought his infant son Hodge onto the House floor when they voted for Speaker.

“The creation of the dads caucus sends a powerful message. We want to show not just interest but advocacy on the issues that impact working parents and change the hearts and minds when it comes to the role of fathers at home and in Congress,” Gomez said. 

Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY), a father of five, is also part of the group.

“We are here advocating for paid family leave for all parents. We are advocating for child tax credits. We are advocating for the basic needs of families,” Goldman said. 

They say the caucus will focus on issues that matter to families, and show that those issues shouldn’t fall on mothers alone. 

“We can make a difference on how people view the role of caregiver and in the end make healthier children,” Gomez said. 

Right now, the group is solely made up of Democrats. With Republicans in charge of the House, they’ll need some GOP support to get legislation passed. 

“A lot of them really spew out this importance of family values. Well, this is your chance, join the dad’s caucus,” said Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.).

Congressman Andy Kim (D-N.J.) says his children are daily reminders of why he came to Washington. 

“I do this for them. While I might not be the tuck them into bed every night dad, I’m the fight for their future kind of dad. And that’s what this caucus is about,” Kim said.