WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The COVID-19 relief bill is heading to the president’s desk.

“This is an assault on the virus and simultaneously offering support for economic relief,” Congressman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) said.

Neal says this bill will provide the push the country needs.

“There will be a slow return to some sort of normal behavior but I’m optimistic,” Neal said.

“This is going to get shots into arms, this is going to get kids back to school and it’s going to get Americans back to work,” Congressman Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass.) said.

Auchincloss says the American Rescue Plan will save the economy.

“Perhaps most importantly, it’s going to get direct relief checks to Americans and my constituents who are hurting,” Auchincloss said.

Congressman Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) says the bill also directly attacks the virus.

“What this bill does is provide $20 billion for vaccines and then another $50-plus billion for testing tracing and mitigation,” Tonko said.

However, Republicans are adamant the bill wastes too much money on things the country doesn’t need.

“This bill is not just about COVID relief. It’s about enacting the largest progressive policy wish list of all time,” Congressman Lloyd Smucker (R-Penn.) said.

Smucker and Congressman Fred Keller (R-Penn.) say the bill misses the mark.

“It should be temporary in nature, whatever we do should be targeted and tied to COVID-19, it should not be all these other things in the bill,” Keller said.

President Joe Biden is now expected to sign the bill before the end of the week.