WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – A group called Doctors against Genocide joined Democrats demanding a ceasefire on Capitol Hill today.

They say nearly 300 doctors have been killed by Israeli air strikes since the war began leaving civilians stuck in the crossfire with nowhere to turn for basic care.

On Capitol Hill Thursday, doctors said many with relatives trapped inside Gaza demanded a cease fire.

“Our families are not just numbers, they are beloved aunts, they are cousins, they are physicians they are pharmacists, and they are children”.

They say Israel’s bombings have pushed Gaza’s health care system to the brink of collapse.

Democratic Congresswomen Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib say Congress and the White House should not turn a blind eye to suffering.

“Let me be clear these are war crimes,” said Bush. Meanwhile Tlaib stressed, “The dehumanization in violence is horrific.”

Israeli forces insist they are warning civilians of incoming strikes.

But the United Nations says there are no safe places left to hide.

The World Health Organization warns limited access to water and health care inside Gaza is likely to trigger a wave of deadly disease.

Right now, just 17 of the four hundred and thirty-five representatives in the House support a cease fire.  The rest along with the White House are vowing to support Israel’s efforts to defeat Hamas.

National Security Council Advisor John Kirby says the administration is still pushing for temporary pauses to free more hostages and get more humanitarian aid inside of Gaza.

“We have to remember what Israel is up against, a terrorist group that deliberately puts those civilians in harm’s way,” he added.