WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — We’re less than six weeks away from the start of the Democratic National Convention, followed immediately by the Republican National Convention.

The two very different campaigns of Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump are preparing for two very different conventions.

“We’re doing it in a way that will keep Americans safe,” the Democratic National Committee’s Battleground States Director David Bergstein said.

Democrats will hold a scaled-back convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. while Republicans will hold two events: a business meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina and a three-day celebration in Jacksonville, Florida.

“We’re really excited to now be able to hit two cities,” Elizabeth Harrington, the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee said.

Bergstein said Democrats drastically altered their plans due to the coronavirus.

“I think the approach the two parties have taken to the conventions are really reminiscent of the approach that Democrats and Republicans have taken to the coronavirus,” Bergstein said.

Democratic delegates will stay home – business will be done remotely and voters will meet virtually.

“We think that allows us to keep our delegation safe and still do the business that’s needed at our convention,” Bergstein said.

Harrington has a different take on Democrats downsizing.

“I don’t think they can fill the seats,” she said.

Harrington wants the Republican convention to showcase the contrast between the campaigns.

“We’re really excited to have this event. We want a big crowd and we want to have safety measures in place so people feel safe,” Harrington said.

She said those safety measures will include temperature checks and offering masks to those attending.