WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Election Day is now just days away and, with so much information and so many candidates, some voters may be wondering where they should go for the facts before filling out their ballot.

Experts from George Washington University and Cornell University are warning voters to do their homework, but be careful.

“Take a few minutes to visit the candidate’s websites. See if they are expressing values you share, if they’re promoting policies you share. Sometimes it will be a Democrat, sometimes it will be a Republican or Libertarian or Green,” Peter Loge with George Washington University said.

However, Loge says voters need to be wary of which websites they’re turning to for information.

“Do, do some due diligence. Also, know that a lot of social media isn’t true. There are fake sites,” he said.

Cornell University Professor Alexandra Cirone says bad actors try to impersonate news organizations to spread false information.

“Partisan and for-profit websites that are masquerading as local news organizations,” Cirone explained.

Cirone says it’s important to make sure the news you are turning to is the real source and to check out other reliable sites for the facts.

One organization you can check is USAFacts.org. The organization’s president, Poppy MacDonald, says the site provides resources for voters to help them make an informed decision.

“To judge for yourself based on what you’re hearing the candidates say. Does that sound like the right person and the right policies to move our country forward?” she said.

Loge added that voters should “fact-check everything.” He and Cirone recommend sites like Snopes, AP Fact Check and Politifact so you can do your due diligence before dropping your ballot off at the polls.