WASHINGTON (Nexstar)– Abbott, the baby formula maker, reached a deal with Food and Drug Association (FDA) regulators to restart the production of baby formula on Monday, but it could take weeks to get the new supply on store shelves.

The Biden Administration says it’s attempting to quickly help parents get the baby formula they need, working with manufacturers and major retailers to stock shelves.

“(We) have made clear to all of them that federal resources, including transportation and logistics resources are available and on-call,” said Brain Deese of the National Economic Council.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says the FDA is taking other action, “making it easier to safely import formula products, which we generally don’t tend to do much in the U.S.”

The FDA shut down the Abbott Michigan plant as a safety precaution after four infants got sick and two died.

“There was nothing wrong with that plant. It was never proven that any of that formula caused these two deaths,” said State Representative Jerry Carl (R-Ala.).

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers have introduced several bills to try to ensure similar baby formula shortages don’t happen in the future, and administration officials agree that changes are needed.

“Take a hard look as a country about how we got to having four companies control almost 90% of the market,” Buttigieg said.