TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) – With his job on the line, suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren is anticipating a decision on whether he will remain out of office.

The former top prosecutor in Hillsborough County has been out of a job for nearly five months after the governor ousted him for joint statements regarding the prosecution of cases concerning abortion or transgender healthcare.

In November, the legal battle between Warren and Gov. Ron DeSantis played out in a Tallahassee courtroom where we got a behind-the-scenes look into what went into crafting the suspension.

The November trial came to a close after three days concluding with Judge Hinkle saying he wouldn’t be able to review the case until late December.

Jonathan Miller, the Civil Program Officer at the Public Rights Project, a civil and human rights advocacy group, said the implications of a verdict are great, “if DeSantis were to win this case, it would have a chilling effect on democracy.”

Judge Hinkle has said he wanted to move as quickly as possible on this case to minimize disruptions to the office.