*Warning, the video above may be disturbing to some viewers

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – As that disturbing shark dragging video continues to makes headlines worldwide, a new video has surfaced, connecting one of the men to another shocking case of animal cruelty.

It shows a hammerhead shark being used as a beer bong. Florida Fish and Wildlife has now launched another investigation.

The agency identified the four men involved in dragging the shark behind a boat, but are not releasing the names as the investigation continues.

However, one of the men in this video is allegedly connected to the hammerhead shark video posted in January. A group of men are laughing as one man is drinking the beer from below the shark’s body. It’s unclear if it’s alive or dead.

A spokesman for FWC confirmed the agency is investigating to see if this video is connected to one of the men in the shark dragging video.

But this man, who has not been identified, is no stranger to authorities. Over the past couple of years, he’s been photographed in other disturbing pictures with animals.

In a statement, FWC said: “We are aware of the photographs. An investigation was opened and no charges were made before the case was ultimately closed in January 2017.”

This week, local animal activists have been digging into social media to learn more about these men.

“They thought this was fun? That’s alarming,” said one activist who wanted to remain anonymous.

This activist is concerned this man won’t stop.

“It’s a classic pattern that leads to more abuse. What else are they doing? What else are you doing that is harming the environment that you think is funny?” she asked.

“They’ve got quite the reputation for being a little abusive with animals, and I guess out in the Gulf, and they tend to feed off of a certain group of people that like their posts,” the activist added.

The man’s family did not wish to comment, and the man’s attorney Jon Weiffenbach released a statement saying, “None of the individuals in the video have been charged criminally and no one has been arrested. I am friends with the families of the young men, but have no comment regarding the video in my capacity as an attorney.”

Activists hope these men are stopped.

Federal investigators with the US Fish and Wildlife Service also investigated this man. They first learned about him in 2015 after receiving those awful pictures of him with animals. No charges were filed and the case was eventually closed and it is unclear why.

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