There are simple things you can do everyday to live a more vibrant and healthy life.

Dr. Cathleen Gerenger, DC, FIAMA, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom with some simple tips you can start today.

Dr. Cathleen says it starts with how you begin your day. “Waking up with gratitude not only brightens your morning, but also sets your day’s vibration flowing in a positive rhythm.”

Dr. Cathleen also said starting the day with warm water and a little lemon can help alkalize the body and stimulate the body’s natural digestive juices

Another trick is the power of ginger. “Adding a slice or 2 ginger in coffee or tea – aids with digestion and reduces the acidity in the coffee, with tea – provides more anti-inflammatory properties.”, said Dr. Cathleen.

Getting your daily does of fruits and vegetables is also key, and Dr. Cathleen said you might have to do that in the form of a supplemental powder. 

“A simple way to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

A glass of greens powder drink.  Incorporating a greens powder into your daily routine ensures you receive a full spectrum of fruits, vegetables and antioxidants, bridging any nutritional gaps in your diet.”, said Dr. Cathleen.

Incorporating more movement into your days is also essential.

“Take the stairs, park further away, are 2 popular hacks. But for those that work from home or stuck behind a desk, set alarms for a 10-15 minute break. Walk around the room, stretch, do jump jacks, squats, push ups.”, said Dr. Cathleen.

Finally, Dr. Cathleen said it’s important to incorporate more nutrient dense food into your diet.

“It can be as simple as eating the rainbow”, said Dr. Cathleen.

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