OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — All that 84-year-old Mary Ann Wakefield needed to do to win a new car was sink a putt across the entire length of the court at the University of Mississippi’s basketball stadium.

Wakefield did just that during a promotional segment at Feb. 22’s game between Ole Miss men’s basketball team and Alabama. The golf ball she struck rolled 94 feet (28.6 meters) from one end line to the other before dropping into a flag-marked hole.

The crowd erupted into applause as Wakefield flashed an astonished grin and clapped a hand over her head.

Her prize for the long-distance putt: a 2020 Nissan Altima from a local auto dealer.

Keith Carter, athletic director at Ole Miss, congratulated Wakefield by tweeting, “What an incredible moment. Enjoy your new car.”

Wakefield’s good fortune Saturday wasn’t shared by the Ole Miss basketball team, which lost 103-78 to Alabama.