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VIDEO: Paddle boarder has close encounter with great white shark

CAPE COD, Mass. (WFLA/NBC) - A paddle boarder in Massachusetts has a close encounter with a great white shark and doesn't even know it.

It happened Sunday as stand-up paddle boarder Roger Freeman floated in the water off Cape Cod.

Freeman says he never saw the shark just a few feet away, but photographer Cody DeGroff did.

DeGroff was flying his drone over the water when he took these pictures of the close encounter just north of Nauset Public Beach.

After a little more than an hour and a half on the water, Freeman paddled on shore. That's when he was greeted by someone who knew Degroff.

"When I came in a guy waved me over and said, 'Dude, you got to check this out. My buddy took a drone shot. Look at this,'" Roger Freeman said.

"I was like, holy crap. It was crazy," said photographer Cody DeGroff.

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