TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Thousands of jellyfish were captured on camera as they swarmed a boat on the Mediterranean coast of northern Israel last week.

A drone captured mesmerizing video of the jellyfish swarm on July 19 as they surround a marine unit with the Nature and Parks Authority.

Park officials said the boom in jellyfish is damaging and exacerbated by humans, adding that pollution, climate change, digging in the Suez Canal, and harming competitors and predators all contribute to the spread of jellyfish.

“We see great damage from it in many areas such as ecological competition with the fish for food, economic damage, clogging of desalination plant pumps, cooling of power plants, damage to fishermen, and the public keeping their feet off the beaches because of the burning,” said Ruthie Yahel, marine ecologist at the Nature and Parks Authority.

According to wire service TMX, the parks authority said “creative thinking and pooling of resources” will be required to tackle the problem.