(NBC News) – New devices are aiming to keep long-distance lovers connected, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Gift sites like Uncommon Goods are seeing a surge in the popularity of so-called connected devices, including the Love Box, featuring a heart that spins when a message is sent to the box.

Connected friendship lights are another trending product, with a growing number of options on the market. Twin lamps from Brookstone come with a companion app, which lets you change the color of your friend’s lamp, so they know you’re thinking of them.

Connected wearables like Bond Touch bracelets are also popular. When it’s touched, the paired bracelet will light up and vibrate.

Other options: Pillow Talk’s wrist monitor that sends a real-time heartbeat to a speaker that goes under your partner’s pillow or you can share a smooch through robot lips with the Kissenger.

“People are saying that they love the opportunity to tell someone they are thinking of them without needing to use words,” said Jamie Hoffman with Uncommon Goods.