Online database eerily calculates your activity on Earth since birth

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Have you ever wondered how many breaths you’ve taken, or how many hours you’ve spent dreaming since you were born?

We usually measure our time on Earth in years, but now thanks to an online database you can see how many raindrops fell or how many new species were discovered in your lifetime. 

And people on social media are obsessed.

Here’s how it works. 

Enter in the day you were born, and the system will automatically calculate your activity on Earth so far.

The algorithm is based on averages provided by university, medical and environmental sources to help put our existence into perspective.

Here are some of the statistics for a 30-year-old in 2018:

  • 1,277,269,630 heartbeats
  • 264,491,393 breaths
  • 20,177 hours dreaming

And over the last 30 years the Earth has seen:

  • 534,809 new species discovered
  • 4,125,170,149 babies born
  • 3,410 billion waves hit the shore
  • 167,524,262,803 trillion snowflakes fallen (This would cover the Himalayas under 282 meters of snow)
  • 759,876,029,443 trillion raindrops fallen (Enough to fill the Baltic Sea 152 times over)
  • & the Earth has traveled 26,955,844,764 miles around the Sun

Try it out for yourself below.


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