TAMPA (WFLA) – A North Carolina woman had to act quickly after a large snake popped out of a hedge she was trimming in her front yard.

“Something I’ve done a million times before. I do all my own yard work,” Heatherly Noble said.

The Charlotte-area homeowner was trimming her hedges when the snake jumped at her. Noble stepped back, not realizing she was still on top of a ladder and injured herself.

“I have what appears to be a torn ACL in my right knee. I have an MRI on Tuesday and see the doctor Friday to determine what the damage is and treatment plan. I’m in a hip to ankle brace now and can hardly move around. I also bruised my tailbone and am very sore all over,” she said.

She says it could have been much worse as her phone was across the yard, did not have on gloves, long sleeves, or pants.

“My bushes are 6 to 7 feet high, so never occurred to me a snake would be in it,” she said. “This whole thing is nightmare fuel.”

Noble hopes her terrifying encounter will help others take extra time checking for animals, or in this case reptiles, before starting yard work this summer.

“I figure if we can help someone else not get hurt it was at least worth it,” she said.

Noble says some advice she’s been given this week following the video is to take a rake and shake your bushes to let something know you are there.