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LISTEN: This is Jesus Christ and I just broke into Pizza Hut

HIGH POINT, NC (WFMY) — A Greensboro man claiming to be Jesus Christ called High Point 911 on March 22 and told the dispatcher he broke into a Pizza Hut.

The caller also said he was “starving to death.”

“Yes, this is Jesus Christ and I just broke into the Pizza Hut,” 46-year-old Richard Lee Quintero told dispatchers around 4:30 a.m. “Jesus is here, he’s back to earth. I just broke in and had a pizza. I’m Jesus.”

Quintero admitted to breaking into a High Point Pizza Hut on N. Main Street, saying he ate pizza and drank Mountain Dew.

When questioned by the 911 dispatcher, Quintero told dispatchers “Because I’m Jesus, I can do whatever I want” and that he’s “tired of the Judases on this earth.”

He later said he was starving and “everybody’s been treating me mean.”

High Point Police said Quintero was cooperative when they arrived and arrested without further incident.

Quintero was charged with one count of felony breaking and entering and one count of felony larceny after breaking and entering. He was put in High Point Jail under a $1,000 bond.

Transcription of the full 911 call below:

Dispatcher: "High Point 911, what is your emergency?"

Caller: "Yes, this is Jesus Christ and I just broke into the Pizza Hut and I broke the window and I’m here and Jesus is here and now he’s back to earth."

Dispatcher: "Alright and uh, you don’t work there?"

Caller: "No, I just broke in. Had a pizza. I’m Jesus."

Dispatcher: "And what was your name again?"

Caller: "My name is Jesus."

Dispatcher: "What’s your last name, Jesus?"

Caller: "Christ."

Dispatcher: "Okay, and what do you look like?"

Caller: "I look like Jesus. What else am I supposed to look like?"

Dispatcher: "Why did you do that?"

Caller: "Cause I’m Jesus. I can do whatever I want. We’re tired of Judases on this earth. We’re going to clean this earth up. So what are you up to?"

Dispatcher: "Where do you live at?"

Caller: "I don’t. I’m from heaven."

Dispatcher: "How did you get over to the pizza hut?"

Caller: "I’m from heaven, sir."

Dispatcher: "Okay, and did you break a front window?"

Caller: "Yea, I broke the door window, sir."

Dispatcher: "And did you eat a pizza?"

Caller: "Yea, had a Mountain Dew."

Dispatcher: "Alright, are you going to stay there for a minute?"

Caller: "Yea."

Dispatcher: "You ain’t got any weapons or anything on ya, do ya?"

Caller: "No, I’m not violent or anything, sir."

Dispatcher: "Okay, just hungry?"

Caller: "Yea, I’m starving to death. Everyone’s been treating me mean. I’ve been beaten up in this town. I’m from Indiana."

Dispatcher: "You’re from Indiana?"

Caller: "Yes, people keep beating me up."

Dispatcher: "Where have you been staying at?"

Caller: "Everywhere. I keep getting kicked out of places. I got Schizophrenia, sir."

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