TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – As Thanksgiving nears, so does a holiday-related debate: how early is too early to put up Christmas lights?

Some believe that waiting until after Thanksgiving or the beginning of December is the way to go, but as we’ve all seen on social media, some believe in decorating for the holidays as soon as Halloween ends.

House Method, a website with guides and resources for homeowners, conducted a nationwide survey of 3,930 Americans, asking when is the earliest acceptable time to hang lights and when they planned on actually hanging their own.

According to House Method’s findings, Dec. 1 was the day most people said was acceptable to hang Christmas lights. The website found 18% of those surveyed have no problem with lights being up before Thanksgiving, however.

Only 4% of Americans said they leave their Christmas lights up all year.

“When digging deeper into survey responses, we discovered that many Americans like to hang their Christmas lights right around Thanksgiving. Specifically, a notable subsection of respondents stated that they planned to adorn their homes with lights on or around Black Friday,” House Method wrote.

In a state-by-state breakdown, Floridians were said to prefer to hang their lights on the first day of November, but the first day to display Christmas lights in the state is most commonly Black Friday.