Add this to the list of things you never knew you wanted or needed: a candy company is making beer-flavored gummies.

Sugarfina, a candy company that bills itself as a candy boutique for grown-ups, has partnered with Corona Light to launch limited-edition Corona Light and lime-flavored gummy candies ahead of Cinco de Mayo.

But First, Cerveza, is in the shape of a bottle of Corona Lite supposedly tastes like a summer beer.

Here For a Good Lime is shaped like a lime slice and packs a zesty citrus flavor.

Both come in individual boxes for about $8, or you can order the bento box, which has both flavors and a lime-shaped bottle opener, for $26. 

Neither flavor is alcoholic, so you may still want to pair them with an actual beer.

The candies went on pre-sale this Monday and in-store sales begin April 1 at Sugarfina boutiques and Nordstrom stores.


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