TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Calling all lovers of luxury! Do we have a dream job for you! 

HushHush, a London-based online luxury store and concierge service, is looking for someone to live on a yacht and write about it, CNN Travel reports.

The “yacht tester” will be responsible for reviewinng up to 50 yachts per year and testing and evaluating everything on board from beds to showers to plug sockets to ensure everything is up to standard. The company offers about $1,300 per review. 

Perks include living on a yacht…need we say more? 

“Obviously, we’re a very high end site and expect our products to be of the highest quality, which is why we’re looking to hire someone whose job is solely assessing the quality of yachts and ensuring they meets our high standards,” says HushHush.com founder Aaron Harpin in the job listing.

All you must do is have a passport, be over 21 and be flexible. No yachting experience is required. 

“It will be on a pro-rata, self employed basis, so we’ll need you to be flexible with when we need you,” the job listing states. 

Click here to view the job listing.