TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A jewelry company wants to pay one lucky winner to binge-watch summer movies.

The Loupe is a blog owned by Shane Co., a fashion and jewelry company. The team wants to pay one person to binge-watch 10 classic summertime movies, including Grease, Mamma Mia and more.

Shane Co. said the ideal applicant has the ability and availability to watch 10 movies within four weeks, has strong attention to detail to fill out a worksheet for each movie and an overall enthusiasm for summertime movies. Each applicant must be 18 years old to apply and live in the United States.

The movies the winner must watch include:

  1. Grease
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Stand by Me
  4. The Sandlot
  5. National Lampoon’s Vacation
  6. The Parent Trap
  7. The Last Song
  8. Something’s Gotta Give
  9. Mamma Mia
  10. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Those interested in applying can do so online. The deadline to apply is Sept. 9. The winner will be announced on Sept. 21.