LOUISVILLE, Ky. (NBC) – A Kentucky restaurant is making headlines because of a social media post.

The owner of “Ramen house” in Louisville says he never dreamed of the attention he’s getting since he posted this picture of his staff members.

The picture showed his restaurant employees at the airport getting ready for their flight to Las Vegas.

Nearly one dozen employees are now in Vegas, as a “thank you” from their boss.

The restaurant itself is closed this week for the employee treat. The owner said with COVID-19 and everything else, his employees “deserve a break.” so he’s paying for the trip.

Any employees who could not go, are getting a bonus.

“I just don’t think it should be all about the money. It should be about the relationships that we build. For the most part, all of my people love working for this restaurant. They believe in it and they all have that accountability where they feel like it’s part of them and that’s what I wanted to instill and this is just a thank you gesture,” Ramen House owner Jonathan Ham said,