(CNN) – A California couple received a startling morning surprise when they went to use the bathroom. They ended up finding a six-foot-long snake in their toilet.

“I lost all trust in restrooms,” said Irma Zambrano. “My husband, before he leaves for work, always uses the restroom. When he walked into the restroom and lifted the lid he saw a snake.”

The slithery surprise was a six-foot long boa constrictor.

“That’s like the worst nightmare is something coming out of the toilet,” Zambrano said. “We’re thinking it’s going to run out and outrun everybody and wrap around us and suffocate us.”

The rattlesnake rustler soon came to the rescue.

“I went in the bathroom lifted up the toilet seat,” said Glenn Stough with Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal. “He’s strong, he gets big and he grabbed onto something, but he’s trying to pull me in with him. He was stronger than my tongs and I was about ready to grab him with my hands. I knew I had to get him out of there. Luckily he kind of froze up a little bit and I was able to suck him out of there.”

Stough said during his 15 years on the job, he’s never seen anything like it.

Boa constrictors like this one aren’t native to California. So where did this guy come from?

“I have to assume that one of these neighbors is missing their pet,” Stough said.

As for Zambrano, she says from now on she may just have to hold it.

“When I use the restroom in the morning, I usually don’t even turn on the lights,” she said. “Now the lights will be on. I will take a glance. I will flush twice and then sit down.”

The six-foot snake was safely delivered to animal control.