TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Coors Light has invented a new way for beer drinkers to be able to tell if their beverage is chilled just right this holiday season.

Fans of the beer know that when the mountains turn blue, Coors Light is cold enough to drink.

The beer brand is bringing the color-changing technology on its packaging to the hands of drinkers with “Chill Polish,” according to the Molson Coors website.

“Chill Polish” is a nail polish specially engineered to turn from slate gray to “Coors Light blue” at specific temperatures, according to Molson Coors.

“Coors Light is best served ‘As Cold As The Rockies’ and consumers love when the mountains turn from gray to blue when the beer is cold enough to drink. But what if you’re holding a pint glass? Chill Polish lets you know,” said Ashley Kozanda, associate marketing manager for Coors Light.

Chill Polish is now on sale on Coors Light’s online shop for $7.

It was made in partnership with Le Chat Nails. Batches of the thermochromic nail polish will drop every Tuesday at 10 a.m. through Dec. 13 while supplies last, according to Molson Coors.

The brand is also giving fans a chance to win Chill Polish, along with a Coors Light pint glass and fingerless mittens now through Dec. 15.