ASK JOHN: What’s the proper etiquette for airplane armrests?

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Some of humanity’s greatest achievements were attained because brilliant minds dared to push themselves.

They challenged the status quo, and braved new frontiers.

Inside every one of us, there’s a yearning to ask the hard questions.

So that’s why we’re here to give you the answers with Ask John! It’s a chance for you to weigh in and ask whatever is on your mind!

These are questions that were submitted to John via social media.

Robert from Tampa asks: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

John and his wife love to travel. For their honeymoon, they went to Jamaica and last year they spent two weeks exploring Italy.

“If we could afford it, we would travel the world full-time!” said John. “For our next trip, I want to see France. I desire to spend time in Paris, find a chateau in the French countryside and visit Disneyland Paris.”

Liz from Tampa asks: is a burrito really a type of sandwich?

That’s a good question. A burrito is meat wrapped in a baked flour product, so, could it be considered a sandwich?

For this answer, we go straight to the source- The Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book for the US Department of Agriculture.

And according to the USDA, a burrito, is not a sandwich.

The official government definition of a sandwich is a product with at least 35% cooked meat and no more than 50% bread.

So, according to Washington, the tortilla does not qualify. Ergo, a burrito is not a sandwich.

To further hammer home the point, according to the Associated Press a judge ruled in a 2006 Massachusetts case that a burrito is not a sandwich.

Todd from Jacksonville asks: What is the proper etiquette for armrests while on an airplane that has three rows?”

This has been a divisive issue for decades and it recently exploded in a big twitter debate earlier this summer.

According to Southern Living magazine, the person in the center seat gets access to both armrests. The passengers on either side can enjoy the opposite armrests. The idea is, the center seat is generally the worst, so throw them a bone.

“I never realized this was much of an issue,” said John. “I normally take the window seat and share the middle armrest. Perhaps I’ve been annoying these passengers without realizing it!”

If you have a question for John, you gotta ask him!

Don’t ask Google, Ask John! Send him a question on Facebook or Twitter and he just might answer it next sunday.

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