A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper used excessive force after he shocked a motorist with a Taser several times in Key West, according to a report. The State Department of Motor Vehicles Inspector General conducted the report.

Trooper Eloy Arias said he repeatedly demanded 59-year-old Marc Freedman get out of his vehicle, according to the report. Arias suspected Freedman of driving erratically. Dash cam footage shows Arias shocking Freedman with the Taser. “Come out of the car. Come out of the car or I am going to Tase you,” Arias shouts in the video.

A nearby family recorded incident. In the video, a Miami-Dade officer is seen cuffing Freedman after he was hit with the Taser. Freedman later pleaded with Arias not to use the Taser again. “Please don’t Tase me. Please don’t Tase me. Remember this,” he pleaded.

The state report says Arias shocked Freedman again 19 minutes after the initial use of the Taser. He used the Taser twice in one minute.

Freedman was given medical attention. He was not arrested but was later Baker Acted and sent to a mental health facility for evaluation.

One FHP supervisor said he thought Arias did a poor job deescalating the situation due to Freedman’s age and the additional officers present. Calls to FHP regarding any discipline or retraining for Arias were not returned.